Company Profile 


Connectd is a three-sided market network for the early-stage investment ecosystem. It provides SaaS tools to discover, connect, and manage network and reporting capabilities for the three verticals. These are early-stage founders up to Series A, angel investors + early-stage VC and private family offices. 

CEO’s Mission 

The CEO identified that the initial MVP platform and sales lead acquisition approach would not sustain the required growth and scalability to realise the commercial opportunity. The management team also lacked experience in taking a business from seed-level start-up to Series A scale-up.  

The CEO believed bringing an experienced commercially focused CPTO onboard would bring proven strategic decision-making support and process to the senior management team. Provide clear direction and execution on building and delivering a scalable product-led organisation. 

CPTO Objectives 


  • Define and execute on Product Strategy – UX and Growth 
  • Build and manage a high-performing product team 
  • Define and execute on Technology Strategy 
  • Build and manage a high-performing engineering team 
  • Create a culture and environment that fosters innovation thinking and self-responsibility 
  • Support and grow cross-discipline collaboration and alignment to commercial objectives  


What the CPTO Did 


Provided Strategic Leadership & Support  

Introduced and implemented OKR framework, to clearly define the company mission and vision statements. Set clear achievable commercial objects that were communicated across the entire organisation providing transparency, context and alignment. Promoting focus and organisational efficiency. Provided mentoring to junior management team members.  

Executed and Delivered High Growth Product Lead Strategy 

Introduced evidenced-based product strategy with clear KPIs supported by data and analytics. Designed growth model and process to drive acquisition, engagement, retention and resurrection. Identified network effects and growth loops utilising qualitative and quantitative experiment-based methodologies. Built high performing product team that successfully executed the strategy. 

Built a Modern Scalable Technology Stack and High Performing Engineering Team 

Due to time constraints and budget, engaged a nearshore development agency that had been successfully engaged on previous projects to design and rebuild existing MVP. New platform designed on a cloud-first approach to ensure scalability and operational resiliency. Modern web app technology stack chosen and implemented to provide optimal customer UX. Implemented agile delivery process and created an atmosphere of close collaboration between product and technology team. Ensured tight controls on budget and quality.  

The Results 


As CPTO I created an efficient high-performing product and technology function that supported ongoing commercial success 

  • Product delivery key functional releases on time and on budget 
  • Product strategy and strategic leadership has consistently produced 10% MoM growth in top-line revenues 
  • Product strategy is the major contributor to achieving $4M ARR in three years 
  • Secured a total of $5.5M in seed funding over the last three years  
  • Engagement KPI MAU up 75% in last 12-month period 
  • Churn KPI down to 30% from 55% in the last 12 month period 
  • Provided solid commercial base to support US expansion plan in 2024 


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