Company Profile 


This company is a leading pan-Asian retailer operating over 10,000 supermarkets, convenience and health and Beauty stores. They provide quality and value to consumers by offering leading brands, a compelling retail experience and great service; all delivered through a strong store network with efficient supply chains. 

CEO’s Mission 


The Group CEO identified that the company needed to leverage its scale to grow revenue and increase profit. This required the integration of supply chains and technology across multiple brands and countries. Each brand had multiple IT systems being operated and maintained by local IT teams and support partners. The target was to implement more shared services and systems x-group to improve supply chain efficiency and reduce costs. 

Appointing an experienced IT leader added senior experience and support to the board to help define priorities, and execute difficult decisions, whilst continuing to drive the business forward. 

Regional IT Director Objectives 


  • Lead the regional IT team, build and execute a plan to implement shared systems and operations 
  • Work with business leadership to identify and deliver key growth initiatives in their businesses 
  • Lead the IT team creating a culture of innovation, delivery and operational excellence 
  • Coach and mentor a pipeline of talent to work on the change projects and become future leaders 

What the Associate did 

Provided leadership and a change roadmap 

Conducted a 360-degree review of the business, IT systems and organisation. Worked with key business and IT heads to develop a list of initiatives, priorities and associated costs which was approved by the board.  

Executed the change roadmap  


  • Developed a standard operating model for the supermarket, hypermarket and convenience store businesses. 
  • Selected and implemented ERP systems to meet business requirements for the new operating model of the business 
  • Re-organised the technology team and outsourced operations to a shared service centre in Manila which provides services to all brands 
  • Led and mentored a large regional IT team which implemented major ERP and Digital systems across the group 


Day-to-day management of the business 


The associate ensured the existing retail systems continued to operate effectively and were not impacted by the change. Played an integral role in creating a culture that innovates, manages and identifies day-to-day issues, successes, and opportunities. Created a team that has the talent, resources, mandate, and infrastructure to support the agreed business direction. 


The Results 


  • Successfully secured a £25m investment to support new business plan 
  • Delivered shared ERP systems which were successfully piloted in China 
  • Reduced stock levels and working capital by 15% 
  • Reduced lead times for store and online business by 24 hours 
  • Improved operational efficiencies by 32%   
  • Reduced IT Operating costs by 20% 
  • Reduced stock levels and working capital by 15% 
  • Reduced lead times for store and online business by 24 hours 
  • Maintained customer satisfaction during the transformation   
  • Built a pool of talent to support the delivery of the change roadmap and beyond  

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