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Leadership Services provides seasoned part-time, fractional and interim Directors and C-level executives with a track record of successfully creating and delivering strategies for small and growing businesses.

We’re not consultants, we work as part of your senior team to transform your business and meet its objectives and goals. We do this on a completely flexible basis with no fixed-term contracts.

To see an example of how Leadership Services creates success for its clients, take a look at our case studies.

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How Will My Business Benefit From a Part-Time Director?


Transformative Leadership

Our Directors are leaders in their fields, with the knowledge, skillset and experience to empower your team while taking your business to the next level.


Full Accountability

Unlike consultants, our Directors lead your team from within, actively taking ownership of all strategic decisions and project delivery.


Innovative Decision-Making

We offer creative, strategic solutions and provide new ways of working that can be introduced through the business to make it more profitable and efficient.


Value-Driven Management

We only recruit highly experienced Directors, with a proven track record of success, who can deliver greater value and impact than a full-time Director.


No long-term commitments

No long-term contracts or 3-6 month notice periods. If your needs change, we can quickly arrange a change of personnel.


Flexibility and Expertise

Need a Director to start immediately? No problem. Part-time, interim, on-demand – choose the engagement type that fits your needs.

How It All Works

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We match your needs with an experienced part-time Director

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Together, we help transform your business

TLG Empowering Transformation

Empowering Transformation:

The Rise of the Fractional CFO

Leadership Services has created a FREE report about the benefits of using a fractional CFO and provide a 4-step roadmap for finding the right one for your business.

Startups and SMEs are increasingly turning to fractional CFOs to provide stability, confidence and strategic guidance to founders, CEOs, board members and investors.

In this guide, we explore the challenges causing this trend and offer insight into how organisations can continue to drive long-term performance in these uncertain times with transformative financial leadership.

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