Part-Time Sales Directors

Whatever your strategic goals are, sales growth will be fundamental to your success. Our Sales Directors will join your team to lead your sales growth strategy, build a culture of success and help transform your business.

Part-Time Sales Director Guide

What does a Part-Time Sales Director do?Move beyond the financials and position your company for a stronger future.
How can a Part-Time Sales Director help my business grow?The role of the modern Part-Time Sales Director has changed. See how.
Meet your Part-Time Sales DirectorOur experienced Part-Time Sales Director's will deliver transformative leadership.

Access part-time Sales Directors with a wealth of experience who can transform your sales performance

Our role is to bring transformative leadership and be accountable for the key decisions that help your business grow. We do this on a completely flexible basis with no fixed-term contracts.


Transformative Leadership

Our Directors are leaders in their fields, with the knowledge, skillset and experience to empower your team while taking your business to the next level.


Immediate Impact

We demonstrate value from day one. We’ve got experience from previous projects and have nailed down efficient processes – we cut out the learning curve and will quickly identify what your business needs to grow.


No Risk To You

We don’t do long-term contracts or 3-6 month notice periods. If your needs change, we can quickly arrange a change of personnel.

What Does a Sales Director Do?

A part-time Sales Director is a great asset for any company hoping to drive sales growth. This position brings a wealth of experience and specialist knowledge, as well as being a source of guidance and offering growth opportunities for your sales and account management staff.

Our Sales Directors will:

  • Create a focused sales strategy for growth that is in line with your business vision and strategy
  • Develop an effective sales process and customer journey for both new and existing business growth, improving conversion and retention rates
  • Unlock the potential of your people through inspirational leadership
  • Coach, mentor, train and develop your sales and account management team
  • Recruit talented people and build a winning team and culture with a common sense of purpose and belonging
  • Create a compelling value proposition and sales story
  • Develop your new business development and account management proposition
  • Fully implement the use of your CRM system and sales and marketing tools
  • Ensure there is effective performance measurement, reward, and recognition in place, encouraging the right behaviour to deliver the desired results
  • Work together to set weekly direction and expectations that become self-managed within a culture of trust
  • Play an active part in sales leader succession planning, mentoring, and coaching

How Can a Part-Time Sales Director Help My Business Grow?

  • Part-time Sales Directors will bring a number of different perspectives to your business. Whether strategic or tactical, people or process, the approach is focused on growing your business and making sure that your vision, dreams, and goals are always kept alive, keeping you on course for growth.
  • For businesses that want to grow, recruiting a full-time Sales Director with the desired credentials can be an expensive and risky process with no guarantee you will find the right person. Bringing in a Sales Director from Leadership Services will deliver immediate and sustainable results at minimal risk and cost.
  • People are at the heart of any businesses success and the Sales Director will be an inspirational leader, who will communicate effectively, set clear expectations, uphold best practices and standards of brilliance, whilst building a culture where people will thrive.
  • With the Sales Director being an integral member of your team, they will take full responsibility for the performance of the sales and account management function, whilst actively contributing to the wider business strategy.
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Knowledge & Experience

Our Sales Directors have a minimum of ten years’ of senior experience and a proven track record of success.

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No Tie-Ins

No recruitment fees. No long-term contracts. You can leave your arrangement without any fixed contract period.

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Affordable Model

Small-to-medium-sized businesses can access top-level sales expertise at a significantly lower cost than hiring
a full-timer.

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Complete Flexibility

Our part-time Sales Directors can start as soon as you need them, and our flexible contracts mean you can increase or decrease commitments according to your needs.

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Full-Time Benefits

We are highly skilled in managing needs on a part-time basis, meaning we can deliver the same results as a full-time Sales Director in significantly less time.

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We Join Your Team

Our Sales Directors are team members, not just consultants – we join your team to deliver strategic vision and transformative leadership from within.

Meet your Sales Director

Matt Townshend​​ has consistently delivered profitable growth, exceptional levels of customer retention, and built high-performing sales teams throughout his 20 year career.

Trusted By Leading Brands

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