In a competitive sector, The Parts Alliance needed a concentrated focus on an aligned automotive marketing strategy to enhance its position as a leading automotive parts supplier in the UK.

Company Profile

The Parts Alliance, a major player in the UK’s automotive parts sector, supplies to the independent aftermarket. Comprising thirteen independent parts distributors, the company boasted a combined turnover of approximately £350 million. Its diverse customer base includes independent garages, multi-branch workshops, and fast-fit centres.

CEO’s Mission

The CEO recognised a crucial issue: the lack of unified sales and marketing strategies across the group, putting them at a disadvantage compared to national competitors. A specific emphasis was placed on improving strategies for the braking product category, vital for a more aligned automotive marketing approach.

CMO’s Objectives

  • To gain a deep understanding of the company’s internal and external environments.
  • To form a matrix team dedicated to executing a Go-To-Market (GTM) strategy.
  • To develop a GTM strategy aligned with the company’s growth objectives.
  • To engage key stakeholders for support and to ensure effective communication.
  • To execute a nationally coordinated sales and marketing strategy to drive sales growth.

What the CMO Did:

Built the Foundations:

The CMO began by undertaking a comprehensive situational audit to understand internal capabilities, customer insights, and market opportunities.

Formed a Matrix Team

The Director then assembled a cross-functional team with necessary skills from various parts of the organisation, setting clear objectives, tasks, and deliverables for aligned automotive marketing.

Created a GTM Approach

They then developed a GTM strategy based on audit findings, aiming to elevate brand awareness and generate immediate sales growth. After this, the Director then incorporated coordinated national marketing efforts, both above and below the line, to bolster the marketing strategy.

Execution and Management

The CMO spearheaded the development and successful launch of a national marketing campaign. This initiative marked a step in reinforcing the company’s presence in the automotive sector. To sustain this momentum and ensure efficiency in future endeavours, a matrix team infrastructure was established. This strategic formation is designed to seamlessly execute upcoming campaigns, demonstrating the CMO’s foresight in planning for long-term marketing success.

Furthermore, the CMO implemented robust planning structures and control methods. These were not just operational tools but were intricately designed to be aligned with the company’s return on investment (ROI) objectives. By doing so, the CMO ensured that every aspect of the marketing strategy was measurable and results-driven. This approach was complemented by the introduction of detailed reporting mechanisms. These mechanisms were not merely administrative but were integral in providing real-time insights and assessments of the marketing activities. This level of detailed oversight was pivotal in confirming the efficacy and financial soundness of the aligned automotive marketing strategy, positioning the company for continued success in its marketing endeavours.

The Results

  • Developed a GTM strategy that supported both short-term and long-term growth. 
  • Established strong team management controls across the dispersed group. 
  • Reduced marketing budget by approximately 40%. 
  • Increased revenue by over 30% in the first year. 
  • Achieved a 60% increase in ROI.