Our part-time IT director helped in defining MVP for this start-up. Coming in at the founding stage, they were instrumental in ensuring that they start up had a product it was viable for their ideal customers.

Company Profile 

A startup on a mission to enable business and professional talent to connect and join forces quickly and affordably. The startup hoped to help businesses build diverse, high-performance teams. 

CEO’s Mission 

The founder was looking to bring in a fractional IT director for the early-stage development of the product. In this way, the IT director could help the business experiment and get a product to market as quickly as possible.  What was required could be summarised to: 

  • Identify the product needs of the business. 
  • Defining MVP for the product. 
  • Then, identify a solution for building MVP based on funding levels. 
  • Build MVP. 
  • Finally, build a core platform to provide marketplace tools for searching and securing skilled individuals based on their profiles which can be self-maintained.   

What The IT Director Did 

Define the Product 

As part of the founding team, the IT Director gained an understanding of the business requirement. After they had developed an understanding of not just how the start-up wish to proceed, but what would be required to do so, they architected a cloud-based solution. Lastly, the director identified that the best course of action would be to use an API-first infrastructure in Microsoft Azure for the system back-end, while using Azure static sites and Cloudflare to deliver the front-end client.   

Build the MVP / Product 

Then the Director began work in developing the product. Being a startup, it was essential to create first a valid MVP and then expand and iterate on this to ensure the business’s customers could find professionals to work with, as well as professionals being able to upload and manage their profiles. 

The Results

The MVP was a success, the first iteration of the product is now built, and the business is now live and gaining interest, with a growing number of professionals and businesses signed up to the platform.  A roadmap has been created for further development and the associate is helping the business to align funding needs to support the business and product development requirements.