This company stands out in the digital healthcare landscape by offering an online consultation and workflow system, aiding General Practitioners (GPs) in effectively managing patient caseloads through innovative digital triage methods.

Company Profile

The Company operates an in-house developed online consultation and workflow system that aids GPs in managing patient caseloads through operational change and digital triage. This system facilitates smoother communication between patients and doctors, enabling GPs to prioritise and deliver care through various channels like messaging, phone, and video.

CEO’s Mission

The CEO recognised that the company was hindered in expanding its market share and onboarding new GP practices due to the limitations in the technical architecture of their solution. As user numbers increased, performance issues arose, indicating that the service had reached its technical capacity. The development team was adept in software development, but the need for an experienced CTO became evident. The CEO sought a CTO to overhaul the technical architecture to improve their standing in the digital healthcare landscape, leading to significant performance improvements, enhanced system uptime, and robust disaster recovery capabilities.

CTO’s Objectives

  • Conduct a comprehensive review of the application code and database architecture with developers.
  • Examine the hosting platform and scrutinise testing and release mechanisms to mitigate potential reputation damaging factors from software release issues.
  • Propose and implement changes to the code, database architecture, and messaging to enhance performance and capacity.
  • Develop an architecture ensuring system uptime in various disaster scenarios.
  • Establish a new testing platform to assure the integrity and performance of application releases.
  • Formulate support and operations procedures suitable for a 24/7 health application.
  • Implement advanced cybersecurity measures.
  • Ensure the system could withstand scrutiny by NHS Digital or its affiliates.

What the CTO Did

Provided Leadership and Strategic Insights

The CTO joined the weekly Operations meetings and undertook a thorough review of the application, database, and hosting platform. Collaborating with internal and external stakeholders, they identified key performance issues and outlined a project plan, offering much-needed clarity to the CEO and stakeholders.

Designed and Delivered a New Architecture

Following a detailed analysis, the Director developed a robust plan leveraging the strengths of the developers and partners. This plan encompassed changes in the messaging platform, implementation of clustered databases (both conventional and in-memory), and real-time data replication for resilience. They also introduced a scalable testing environment and enhanced cybersecurity measures, significantly improving the application’s performance and security.

Application Management and Monitoring

The Director was instrumental in creating a platform for monitoring and managing daily operations, utilising AI techniques for proactive issue resolution and ensuring superior service level agreements (SLAs) and uptime.

This strategic initiative led by the Associate facilitated the Company’s growth and service enhancement, enabling more GP practices and patients to benefit from their innovative healthcare solution. The revamped technical architecture ensured the system’s robustness, scalability, and security, aligning with the CEO’s vision for expanding market share and improving healthcare delivery.

The Results

  • Successfully implemented the application, database and platform changes that enable the Company to onboard significantly more GP Practices and Patients without impacting performance 
  • Successfully implemented a new testing platform which enables the Company to thoroughly test new releases of the application on production volumes of data and to measure and record every performance metric for comparison against previous releases 
  • Maintained customer satisfaction during the transformation 
  • Hardened cyber-security 
  • Developed a new BI database which drives the live dashboards, a key feature of the service offering 
  • Successfully demonstrated to NHS Digital, that the operational procedures were fit for purpose for any disaster recovery scenario.