Our COO helped this construction site equipment provider in digitising operations, resulting in increased revenue and improved investment, as well as smoother running operations.

Company Profile

This company is one of the most trusted plant and site equipment providers in the country. They value their staff and customers, ensuring that every interaction is of the highest standard. Their offerings include specialist on-site accommodation and site equipment, with a notable emphasis on eco-friendly options.

CEO’s Mission

The board recognised a stagnation in the company’s growth trajectory. The heavy reliance on paperwork for asset movement and management was a significant bottleneck. Errors stemming from lost paperwork, sub-optimal internal processes, and invoicing discrepancies were eroding profitability. These inefficiencies were not only affecting the bottom line but also dampening the overall customer and site experience, thereby limiting growth opportunities. The company was in dire need of a digital transformation in equipment supply. While the management team was adept at daily operations, they had been grappling with implementing transformative changes, including digitising operations, for years.

To address these challenges, the company onboarded an experienced Operations/Change Leader. This fractional Chief Operations Officer (COO) brought senior expertise to the table, providing the much-needed impetus to consider a COO-led digital strategy. Their role was to infuse fresh thinking, champion a digital-first approach, and steer the company towards a new direction.

CCO’s Objectives

  • Assume the mantle for the digital hire programme as CCO.
  • Overhaul operational processes, transitioning the company from paper to glass, thereby laying the foundation for scalable hire operations.
  • Collaborate with the board to secure group funding, facilitating the company’s pivot.
  • Engage with IT solution partners to architect the target operating system.
  • Foster a culture underpinned by data accuracy, delivery, and operational excellence.

What the Operations Leader / COO Did

Digital Insight and Change Leadership

The COO, donning the hat of Chief Change Officer, embarked on a comprehensive review of the hire processes. This spanned from quotation to invoicing, encompassing distribution, servicing, and asset collection, even when involving third-party fleet operations. This holistic assessment pinpointed the challenges stymieing the company and made a compelling case for investing in a digital hire process. This new approach integrated several third-party platforms, marking a significant stride in construction equipment management solutions.

Transformational Change Roadmap

Post the in-depth organisational review, the Operations Change Leader charted out a transformational roadmap. This was crafted in close collaboration with key operational stakeholders, ensuring alignment with employee, product, operational, and customer needs. The roadmap highlighted the potential of the existing hire management system and introduced a new workforce automation platform. This platform was pivotal in digitising all erstwhile paper-based processes. The solution’s rollout spanned four depots, encompassing the design, deployment, and training of new systems and processes across various departments. All of this was achieved without any disruption to ongoing business operations.

Day-to-Day Technology Leadership

The Operations Leader was instrumental in cultivating a tech-forward culture. They nurtured a team of super-users across pivotal stakeholder groups, turning them into champions of digital innovation in construction supply. These digital hire evangelists played a crucial role in driving employee buy-in, promoting the new Digital Hire process, and offering training and first-line support.

The Results

The Operations Leader completely changed the operational environment across the business and created a platform for growth and success: 

  • Digitised head office and four depot operations and converted the business into a fully Digitised Hire Operation. 
  • Delivered SAAS turnkey solutions to the Hire Desk, Account Management, Fleet, Depot Operations and Finance. 
  • Designed and delivered an integrated technology solution working with two external IT partners. 
  • Enabled the business to pivot from £25m turnover to £35m in three years and increased EBITDA by 100% from £5m to £10m.  
  • Successfully secured £250k investment to support new technology plan. 
  • Increased operational efficiencies by 26%. 
  • Maintained customer satisfaction during transformation.