Our part-time CIO helped this Internet service provider implement a new ERP application, paving the way for future success.

Company Profile 

Founded in 2005 to provide internet connectivity as a B2B provider, grew to become the leading B2B UK-based ISP.   

CEO’s Mission 

With an aim to foster ISP operational efficiency with ERP, the mission was clear: to identify, design, and implement a state-of-the-art ERP application that would not only replace legacy systems but also pave the way for the company’s future growth.

CIO’s Objectives 

Under the guidance of Fractional CIO, the objectives were set:

  • Build a comprehensive understanding of the business drivers influencing the selection of a new ERP package.
  • Conduct a thorough evaluation of business-critical areas, pinpointing product gaps and emphasizing CIO-led ERP design.
  • Assess the product fit, ensuring it aligns with the ERP implementation for ISPs.

What the Associate Did 

Leadership and Strategic Insights

With a knack for Fractional leadership in ERP projects, the CIO took charge of the existing IT Team. They adeptly managed the evaluation process, ensuring each stage was geared towards identifying the best-fit ERP application for the company.

Designed and Evaluation Stage

After a meticulous review of the organisation’s current IT landscape, the Associate, showcasing their CIO expertise in ERP integration, led an evaluation process. The goal was to select the most suitable solution that would offer a transformational roadmap of application change coupled with ISP business process optimisation. This strategic plan, devised in close consultation with key stakeholders, considered the daily needs of company employees. Thanks to this in-depth consultation process, the Associate achieved heightened user satisfaction with the new systems.

Implementation of ERP Application

The Associate spearheaded a transitional project program, which encompassed the migration of various platforms and data repositories to a hybrid cloud-based system. This strategy ensured that the organization remained resilient, future-ready, and adaptable, truly embodying the essence of a modern Internet service provider ERP solution.


The Results

Upon completion of the transformation project, the organisation had become more efficient, able to make better-informed decisions on the data they had and were in a stronger position to scale their service delivery moving forward. The internal IT Team can now proactively deliver great service to the rest of the organisation and are key stakeholders in business decision-making.