In the dynamic field of logistics, DHL Supply Chain’s Global Service Logistics (GSL) sought to stand out even further by implementing a project of global IT transformation.

Company Profile

The Global Service Logistics (GSL) division of DHL Supply Chain, a key unit of the Deutsche Post DHL Group, is a name synonymous with excellence in contract logistics. Renowned as a leading provider of time-critical replacement part logistics services, GSL operates an extensive network with over 1,000 locations, catering to a diverse range of sectors globally.

CIO’s Objectives

  • Undertake a comprehensive multi-year global transformation program, focusing on establishing a new operating model and IT solution architecture.
  • Achieve and sustain double-digit Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR).
  • Elevate customer satisfaction to new heights.
  • Strategically reduce the cost to serve within the business framework.

What the CIO Did

IT Leadership and Development

Tasked by the global CIO, The Director took the helm of the IT leadership for GSL’s transformation initiative. The mission involved reassessing existing plans and charting a feasible and effective course forward.

Global IT Organisation Redesign

The Director conducted an in-depth review of the existing IT framework. This led to the development and implementation of a new IT operating model, integrating global, regional, and partner IT teams across three continents. This restructure streamlined business outputs and facilitated smoother communication, essential for global IT transformation.

Revamping Global IT Solution Architecture

A thorough examination of the internal IT systems and solutions was conducted to emphasise standardisation, digitalisation, and mobility. The Director blended best-of-breed vendor solutions with niche vendor edge solutions and in-house development. This strategic mix reduced time-to-market and established a more unified operational model.

Successful Pilot and Global Deployment

Leading from the front, the Director spearheaded the implementation of the revised IT solution architecture. The pilot phase, which included collaborations with three major global clients, proved successful, paving the way for a worldwide rollout. This expansive deployment maintained round-the-clock service support, demonstrating the efficacy of global IT transformation.

Restructured IT Support Model

The reformation journey continued with the design and implementation of a new partner service management model in partnership with a Tier One supplier in India. This new support model not only increased customer satisfaction and reduced support costs but also saw a significant decrease in incidents per 1,000 order lines, marking a substantial improvement in productivity.

The Results

On completion of the transformation project, the business unit exceeded its double-digit CAGR objectives, improved its customer retention, reduced cost to serve, and met its customer satisfaction targets. The transformation programme was subsequently awarded a Supply Chain Excellence Award, and our Associate was personally recognised by the global CIO.