Our CMO came in to help this automotive equipment distributor achieve its goals through growth marketing initiatives.

Company Profile

The automotive tools and garage equipment distributor, with a history spanning over 40 years, has been a trusted supplier of car repair parts to auto repair shops and dealerships across Ireland. With a foundation built on steady growth and a commitment to enhancing the customer experience, the company has always been at the forefront of automotive equipment market expansion.

In 2014, they ventured into a franchise model, successfully bringing on board 3 franchisees since its inception.

CEO’s Mission

Recognising the need for fresh growth marketing initiatives, the CEO believed that the company’s next phase of growth could be achieved by harnessing the expertise of a Fractional Chief Marketing Officer (CMO). This strategic move aimed to infuse the organisation with senior experience, guiding them in defining their path, making critical decisions, and steering the business towards a renewed direction with a focus on fractional leadership in the automotive industry.

CMO’s Objectives

  • Collaborate with the senior management team to refine their product assortment, integrating automotive equipment marketing strategies.
  • Assume the role of the CMO, synergising with the existing team and leveraging outsourced resources.
  • Partner with the CEO and senior management to sculpt the structure and processes that would elevate the customer experience.
  • Craft a robust marketing plan, underpinned by marketing solutions for automotive equipment, to entice more franchisees.

What the CMO Did

Assortment Optimisation

The CMO conducted a meticulous gap analysis revealed the 20% of products that contributed to 80% of the revenue and profit. This analysis also spotlighted products and suppliers that were frequent culprits of customer complaints.

A tiered pricing strategy was introduced: good, better, best. Each tier offered enhanced features or functionality, nudging customers towards premium choices. Depending on the product category and supplier, the strategy was tailored, leading to reduced stock and faster turnaround.

The insights from the Gap Analysis were pivotal in expanding the product range and identifying opportunities to deepen relationships with existing customers.

Supplier Rationalisation was anchored on the gap analysis results and customer feedback. This involved a comprehensive review of suppliers, evaluating their product range, terms, lead times, after-sales support, and return policies.

Update Back Office & E-commerce Website

To resonate with the company’s growth initiatives for automotive businesses, the e-commerce website underwent a transformation. Enhancements included:

  • A streamlined ordering process for an intuitive customer journey.
  • Detailed product descriptions, empowering customers with information.
  • A live chat feature, offering real-time support.
  • An improved search functionality, ensuring customers find what they need swiftly.

Growth Marketing Initiatives to Attract New Franchisees

Post a thorough review of existing marketing materials and a competitor analysis, the CMO pinpointed areas ripe for improvement.


  • Tailoring their proposition to resonate with potential franchisees.
  • Profiling the ideal franchisee in terms of knowledge, skills, and traits.
  • Crafting a compelling transformation statement highlighting the benefits of joining the franchise.
  • Detailing the franchise offer, outlining inclusions and the required investment.

Lead Generation Tools

  • Revamping the online brochure to reflect the company’s marketing leadership for equipment providers.
  • Creating a Landing Page designed to captivate potential leads.
  • Establishing a strong social media presence with dedicated accounts for the franchise.
  • Rolling out an email marketing nurture campaign targeting potential franchisees, showcasing the fractional CMO impact on sales growth.

The Results

  • The introduction of the good, better & best strategy allowed customers to choose the products that best met their needs, resulting in increased sales and revenue.
  • Supplier rationalisation has increased team productivity as well as reduced ad hoc sourcing of products.
  • The company received marketing funding from 2 main suppliers to drive sales of premium products
  • The improvements to the e-commerce website resulted in increased online sales by 16% as well as increased €120 the AOV.
  • Doubled number of franchisees in only 6 months.