Company Profile

A leading provider of internal audit services, our organisation boasts a team of approximately 110 auditors. They offer a diverse array of Assurance services, ranging from comprehensive outsourced Internal Audit teams to specialised one-time assurance reviews.

The CEO’s Mission

The CEO pinpointed a niche in assurance where the company had yet to make its mark. Then, recognising this gap, they engaged fractional IT leadership to craft a top-notch IT Assurance service, ensuring the delivery of unparalleled services to the company’s clientele.

The Directors Objectives

  • Develop a robust IT Assurance function tailored to the unique requirements of the service.
  • Then design technology assurance strategies for our existing client base.
  • Formulate development blueprints for current staff eager to enhance their proficiency in IT Audit.

What the Director Did

IT Audit Remediation Strategy Formulation

Engaging with a diverse group of the audit provider’s clients, the the IT Director delved deep to comprehend the existing deficiencies in the assurance plans offered. With this insight, the Director formulated strategies to bridge the gaps in IT Internal Audit plans. Furthermore, a systematic approach was established to evaluate IT Audit requirements for prospective clients.

Formation of a Dedicated IT Audit Team

The Director took the initiative to nurture and develop the skills of the existing audit team members. Additionally, the Director played a pivotal role in the hiring process, bringing onboard new IT Audit experts. Subsequently, this was done to assemble a competent team, primed to address both present and upcoming IT audit requirements for a diverse clientele.

Expansion of IT Assurance Service Offerings

The Director meticulously curated a suite of IT Assurance services that the company could present to its clients. This was in addition to their already established Internal Audit plans. These newly introduced services spanned various domains, from in-depth network security assessments to advanced IT resilience and recovery solutions.

Change Management

The Director orchestrated a comprehensive communication strategy for the existing client base. Then, this was aimed at fostering awareness and instilling confidence in the company’s enhanced capabilities, reinforcing the provider’s commitment to offering a broader spectrum of audit services.

The Results

At the end of the programme, the provider established itself as a competent provider of IT Assurance services commensurate with its existing core internal audit offerings.