Our CIO helped this Vehicle Tracking Company with its IT Infrastructure Consolidation project brought on by a recent pan-European merger.

Company Profile

As one of the UK’s pioneering vehicle tracking companies, we boast over 22 years of experience in fleet management IT solutions. Our unique offering combines advanced vehicle tracking devices, user-friendly software, and specialised consultancy services. Utilising cutting-edge GPS technology, we not only locate and maintain the position of vehicle fleets but also provide comprehensive analysis and reports, ensuring your business operates at peak efficiency, especially after a vehicle tracking company merger.

CEO’s Mission

In the wake of a pan-European merger and acquisition, our CEO’s primary mission was to oversee the IT infrastructure consolidation, ensuring seamless post-merger IT integration. This involved harmonising various systems and platforms, a task perfectly suited for our fractional leadership in mergers.

CIO’s Objectives  

With a clear vision of a CIO-led business transformation, the objectives were set:

  • Implement a unified system to ensure a consistent pan-European business process.
  • Drive IT infrastructure consolidation to streamline operations and enhance efficiency.

What the Director Did 

Consolidation of IT Infrastructure

The CIO provided oversight for the multi-million-pound implementation of the Oracle e-business suite (version 12). This move aimed to replace the company’s entire range of disparate legacy applications across six business units within Europe. The rollout was executed in multiple phases and sub-phases, accommodating a vast functional footprint in various currencies and languages.

Further, the director championed the rollout and implementation of Microsoft’s Office 365, marking a significant step in our M&A technology harmonization efforts. This replaced multiple legacy email systems, consolidating the entire group into one consistent email platform. The new system also introduced collaboration tools such as Lync and SharePoint, optimizing vehicle tracking IT operations.

The overarching goal was to align technology changes to better support the business. This not only reduced operating costs but also showcased tangible benefits to our customers.

New Platform Transition

Under strategic IT leadership post-merger, the CIO spearheaded a transitional project programme. This involved moving several platforms and information stores to a cloud-based system. Such a forward-thinking approach ensured the organisation’s resilience, adaptability, and preparedness for future shifts in working practices.

Improved Decision Making

Through enhanced application integrations and the creation of live Management Information dashboards, data flowed faster and with pinpoint accuracy. With access to real-time, accurate information, Heads of Departments could make informed decisions swiftly. This strategic move, coupled with our fractional CIO services, led to a notable boost in the company’s operational efficiency.

The Results

Upon completion of the transformation project, the organisation operated on a single pan-European system and had become more efficient, able to make better-informed decisions on the data they had and were in a stronger position to scale their service delivery moving forward. The internal IT Team can now proactively deliver great service to the rest of the organisation and are key stakeholders in business decision-making