Our CIO helped this economics consultancy company work towards its lofty ambitions of increasing their size by 50%, with a dedicated IT strategy.

Company Profile

An economics consultancy firm specialising in Economics consultancy, with operations across Europe and a dedicated team of over 250 staff.

CEO’s Mission

With rapid business growth strategies in mind, the firm set ambitious plans to expand its size by 50% over the subsequent two years. Recognising the importance of IT strategy for business growth, the CEO emphasised the need for a comprehensive IT audit and review. This would culminate in a robust IT strategy. Not only mapping out the financial trajectory for the coming years but also weighed potential risks against growth opportunities.

CIO’s Objectives

  • Review the current IT environment to understand the foundation of the firm’s IT leadership potential in consultancy.
  • Prepare a detailed report pinpointing issues while highlighting opportunities for CIO-driven business expansion.
  • Design and roll out an ongoing strategic IT planning for consultancies, ensuring the firm remains at the forefront of technology-driven solutions.

What the Director Did

Initial IT Review

Our Director, leveraging Fractional CIO services, embarked on the project by conducting a thorough review of the organisation’s entire IT framework. This encompassed evaluating the current setup, security measures, and other facets of the digital infrastructure. Using insights from this review, our Director presented the board with recommendations on both short-term and long-term scales. This had a focus on areas ripe for improvement and growth.

IT Strategy Design

Post-assessment, our Director was entrusted with the task of crafting a bespoke IT strategy, tailored to the organisation’s unique needs. This strategy, set to roll out over the next three years, aimed to actualise the Director’s recommendations. Furthermore,  pave the way for the firm’s expansion.

Developed in collaboration with the company’s incumbent IT Director, the strategy offered expert insights on various fronts. Notably, it included suggestions for transitioning away from in-house billing systems and the potential benefits of outsourcing the data centre. These moves were proposed to enhance security and resilience, key components of technology solutions for economic consultants.

The Results

After reviewing our Director’s report, strategy and related recommendations, the organisation is currently undergoing a process to look at the potential outlined solutions to move forward with the new IT program. The company is also in the process of liaising with an outsourcing partner for the data centre migration. Our Director continues to work closely with the company’s IT Director, providing mentorship and advice on an ongoing basis.