Our marketing director helped shape this law firm marketing activity, by providing the framework for success, suggested a rebrand for the firm, and finally audited the firms existing marketing activity.

Company Profile

Butcher & Barlow is a Legal 500 law firm with a 100-year history and one of the leading law firms in the UK. The firm provides a wide range of legal services. This encompassed all areas of the legal profession, including corporate and commercial law, employment law, property law, and family law.

CEO’s Mission

The Managing Senior Partner was conducting a restructure of the business as part of their growth plan. To help facilitate the restructure, he required an effective strategic plan for the business. This strategic plan would allow each department to define their own goals and strategies as part of the wider business plan. They also required a wider review of their marketing and operations, which they felt needed attention.

What Our Director Did

The Director started by introducing the concept of objective-based management planning (OGSM) to the senior management team. This helped them by providing a concrete framework across the organisation for assessing progress. This was helped to ensure the business was moving in the right direction.

After a comprehensive market and competitor analysis, the marketing director came to a conclusion. They made the case that a strategic repositioning and rebrand would be in the best interests of the firm. Focusing on specific operational and marketing communication plans for their corporate and family business.

Then, the Director led the rebranding sessions which resulted in the development of new USPs, values and a personality. This would naturally allow the firm to achieve its corporate goals.

Finally, the Director conducted an audit of the marketing activity of the law firm and then helped redefine their future communication strategy.

The Results

  • Introduced objective based thinking into the senior management team with OGSM plans created for the wider business and each individual department through one-on-one consultations with senior management team and departments heads
  • Created a repositioning and rebranding proposal that was taken forward by the firm
  • Helped to recruit specific agencies to manage the rebrand and remotely the marketing partner in the management of the project