Our part-time chief technology officer was responsible for pioneering a SaaS transformation strategy for this HR consultancy firm.

Company Profile

Transitioning from traditional consulting services to a Product-led SaaS operation, this company is leveraging its HR consulting expertise to develop an innovative SaaS product. This shift aims to redistribute efforts from HR teams to managers, enhancing managerial capabilities and allowing HR teams to deliver greater organisational value. Their client base spans a wide range of industries, catering to companies with 1,000 to 150,000 employees.

CEO’s Mission

Observing a market shift in their traditional services, the CEO recognized the need to transition from a model that directly tied consultant efforts to sales revenue. They envisioned a fresh approach, focusing on a market-leading SaaS product to guide managers through data-driven workflows. This strategy aimed to reduce HR intervention and cut costs. The company intended the new SaaS offering to diversify its client base, increase profit margins, and enhance end-client management capabilities.

However, outsourcing product development presented challenges due to a lack of direction and the partner’s inability to meet expectations. This led to the appointment of a CTO to manage these relationships and make decisive moves to complete the product, onboard clients, and drive growth in the IT function.

CTO’s Objectives

  • Manage the technology and PMO functions day-to-day.
  • Develop a high-performing, in-house Product and Technology team.
  • Collaborate with the CEO on key growth areas to facilitate the company’s pivot.
  • Serve as an Agile leader and coach, guiding the organisation through an agile transformation.

What the CTO Did

Provided Technical Leadership and Strategic Vision

The CTO addressed delays and budget overruns with the outsourced software partner. A comprehensive review led to improved communication and product direction, supplemented by growing an internal team for increased capability and capacity.

Partnering with the executive team and private equity board, the Associate secured funding for an in-house team to not only finalise the product and onboard new clients but also to continually enhance and evolve the product with a SaaS transformation strategy for shorter onboarding times.

Designed and Delivered a Transformational Product Roadmap

A critical examination of client onboarding processes revealed the need for a more tailored yet efficient approach. Implementing full cloud migration and introducing DevOps processes, the Director ensured a robust and streamlined customer onboarding experience without compromising their white-glove service.

Securing funding, the Director developed a clear plan to leverage the company’s strengths in people, products, and technology, aiming for a focused outcome without disrupting existing operations.

Day-to-Day Management of the Business

The Director’s initial focus was on cloud transformation to enable operational scaling and leverage new technologies for future products. This transition was achieved seamlessly, with full client support.

Subsequently, a high-performing team was established, structured with the necessary culture, infrastructure, and processes for success. The Director led the development of architectural and product vision alongside managing key clients. This helped in securing their continued commitment to the SaaS product.

The Results

  • Successfully migrated to the cloud to allow for future product growth and operational scalability 
  • Delivered an industry-leading SaaS HR product and onboarded several key clients ranging from 20,000 to 150,000 employees 
  • Successfully created a high-performing team of over 50 professionals to support the organisational pivot  
  • Increased software deployments from once a quarter to multiple times per day as required, using a modern approach to software development and automated testing through robust DevOps pipelines