Connectd serves as a dynamic market network aimed at fostering scalable startup growth within the early-stage investment ecosystem.

Company Profile

Connectd is a three-sided market network catering to the early-stage investment ecosystem, offering SaaS tools that enhance discovery, connection, and management for early-stage founders, angel investors, early-stage VCs, and private family offices.

CEO’s Mission

The CEO realized that the initial MVP platform and sales lead acquisition methods were insufficient for the needed growth and scalability. With the management team lacking experience in elevating a business from seed-level startup to Series A scale-up, the CEO decided to onboard a commercially focused Chief Product and Technology Officer (CPTO) to bring strategic decision-making and process to the senior management team, directing the build and delivery of a scalable, product-led organization.

CPTO Objectives

  • Define and execute a Product Strategy focused on UX and Growth.
  • Build and manage a high-performing product team.
  • Outline and implement a Technology Strategy.
  • Construct and oversee a high-performing engineering team.
  • Foster a culture that encourages innovative thinking and self-responsibility.
  • Enhance cross-discipline collaboration and alignment with commercial objectives.

What The CPTO Did

Provided Strategic Leadership & Support

Implemented an OKR framework to define clear, achievable commercial objectives, improving focus and efficiency across the organization. The CPTO mentored junior management team members, enhancing their strategic and operational capabilities.

Executed And Delivered High Growth Product Lead Strategy

Developed an evidence-based product strategy with clear KPIs, driven by data and analytics. Designed a growth model to boost acquisition, engagement, retention, and resurrection, utilizing network effects and growth loops. Led a high-performing product team to successfully execute the strategy, contributing significantly to scalable startup growth.

Built A Modern Scalable Technology Stack And High Performing Engineering Team

Engaged a nearshore development agency to redesign and rebuild the existing MVP under a cloud-first approach, ensuring scalability and operational resiliency. Chose and implemented a modern web app technology stack, focusing on optimal customer UX, and introduced an agile delivery process for tighter collaboration between product and technology teams. The CPTO maintained strict control over budget and quality, facilitating scalable startup growth.


The Results

  • Product delivery key functional releases on time and on budget 
  • Product strategy and strategic leadership has consistently produced 10% MoM growth in top-line revenues 
  • Product strategy is the major contributor to achieving $4M ARR in three years 
  • Secured a total of $5.5M in seed funding over the last three years  
  • Engagement KPI MAU up 75% in last 12-month period 
  • Churn KPI down to 30% from 55% in the last 12 month period 
  • Provided solid commercial base to support US expansion plan in 2024