In the competitive telecom sector, this company embarked on a strategic technology transformation to scale its operations and pivot towards a full-fibre strategy in Northern England and Scotland.

Company Profile

This company specialises in providing full fibre and fixed wireless internet solutions, along with an OSS/BSS platform. It caters to a diverse customer base, from large enterprises to innovative SMEs and consumers, particularly in hard-to-reach areas in Northern England and Scotland.

CEO’s Mission

The CEO recognised that as a fixed wireless operator, the company’s growth was limited. To expand market share and ensure long-term survival, a strategic technology transformation and additional funding were needed. The existing management team, largely unchanged since the company’s inception, lacked experience in guiding such a transition. The appointment of a seasoned Chief Information and Technology Officer (CITO) was seen as crucial to redefine the company’s direction and drive business growth. The CEO also identified the potential of a full-fibre strategy, bolstered by government subsidies and market interventions under the Project Gigabit initiative by DCMS (Department of Culture, Media and Sport).

CITO’s Objectives

  • Oversee daily management, reshaping operations, IT, technology, and business processes for scaling and investment readiness.
  • Partner with the CEO in pivoting the company to a full-fibre model, including developing business cases, financial models, and investment presentations.
  • Establish a culture of delivery and operational excellence, aligning with accreditations, governance, and legislation requirements.

What the CITO Did

Provided Leadership and Strategic Insights

The CITO conducted a comprehensive 360-degree review of the business. Collaborating with department heads, they identified key bottlenecks and potential areas for rapid growth. The focus was on equipping the business to become a Tier 1/2, carrier-grade internet service provider. A full technology review led to the creation of a technology maturity roadmap, aimed at enhancing systems, tools, processes, and products.

Designed and Delivered a Transformational Change Roadmap

Realising the necessity for pivotal changes across various sectors, the Director developed a transformational roadmap in consultation with key stakeholders. This plan focused on leveraging the company’s strengths in people, products, and technology, aiming for a seamless transition without disrupting current operations. The roadmap was supported by an investment case that aligned with the company’s mission and anticipated growth trajectory, ensuring successful due diligence processes.

Day-to-Day Management of the Business

The Director was instrumental in fostering a culture of proactive management, identifying daily issues, successes, and opportunities. They built a capable team to support the agreed direction and introduced a framework using Objectives and Key Results (OKRs). Standardised management tools and IT infrastructure were implemented, along with KPIs across all business functions. Personal Development Plans (PDPs) and staff incentive schemes were introduced to promote career growth and maximise performance, integral to the company’s strategic technology transformation.

The Results


  • Delivered new CRM, workforce management, collaborative tools, accounting systems and in-house developed platforms in order to scale and improve delivery efficiencies 
  • Successfully developed additional pipeline valued at £100m Successfully secured £175m investment to support new business plan Increased operational efficiencies by 20% 
  • Lowered initial costs by 25%