Our IT director helped his global art gallery group modernise its technology function. Working with the existing team to deliver a roadmap for success as well as providing ongoing support.

Company Profile

The company is a global network of art galleries specializing in modern and contemporary art with headquarters in the US with billion-dollar revenues.

CEO’s Mission

As part of ongoing organisational review, design effectiveness and improvements. The CEO looked to provide opportunities for improvement in the organisation function and technology areas towards improving the technology maturity and supporting the business with critical technology and product development support.

What Our Director Did

Quick Assimilation With The Technology & Business Teams 

The IT Director gelled effectively with the CTO and product team, IT Managed Service Provider and key business stakeholders including CEO, COO, CFO, HR Lead, Sales Lead, Operations Lead in a short span of time. They did so while working remotely from the UK while the entire technology and business team were based out of US in East & West Coast.  

Independent Review Of Technology Function  

The Director reviewed each of the following key technology areas. IT Strategy, As Is Project Portfolio & Planned Roadmap, IT Application Landscape, IT Infrastructure Landscape, IT Operations & Service Management, Cyber Security Landscape, IT Licenses Compliance, Technology Costs CAPEX/OPEX and Technology Organisation. Each area was assessed keeping into consideration views of the business teams. Also, the Director considered how according to them the technology was affecting business to further grow and provide them with the technology and product support they wised for.   

Designed And Delivered A Roadmap Of Application Transformation 

After reviewing the organisation’s current IT landscape, the Director delivered a transformational roadmap for the entire Technology function. They then provided an actionable plan, defined priorities, owners, and a timeline to complete the initiatives. In consultation with key stakeholders, we devised this plan considering the company employees’ day-to-day uses. The Director proposed a transformational roadmap, and the key stakeholders agreed to implement improvements and modernise the technology function.

Part-Time IT Leadership and Ongoing Support  

The Director has proposed to be part of the IT leadership governance providing the business teams with oversight required. Finally, they could also provide support on the improvement programs supporting the CTO, Managed Service Provider, and the business teams. 

The Results

The project was challenging from the perspective that the key business stakeholders perceived the CTO to be non-cooperative and there was a growing resentment between the two. In such a volatile environment, whether an effective technology review leading to technology improvements taking both the business and technology teams together will be possible was a question unanswered for a long time. The Director, using his skills of handling dysfunctional, multi-cultural, geographically spread teams, and bringing his experience of leading previous reviews of similar engagements, effectively completed the project and provided a roadmap that since has been progressing well on implementation.