Our part-time IT director has brought into this solicitors firm to help provide a full-scale technology services update.

Company Profile 

This company is a law firm based in northeast London, with four high street offices, which delivers a wide range of legal services to its customers.  The organisation recently had a change of Managing Partner, and the leadership change prompted a desire to modernise the firm and improve its use of technology. 

Managing Partners’ Mission

The newly appointed Managing Partner undertook a comprehensive review of the organisation’s practices. One significant finding was the urgent need for Solicitors’ IT modernisation and a more strategic approach to technology services. Recognising the potential of technology in streamlining operations, a new Practice Manager was onboarded. Their primary responsibility was to identify a reliable IT Partner capable of driving forward a robust IT strategy and enhancing technology services throughout the organisation.

CIO’s Objectives

  • Develop an IT strategy that aligns with the business’s overarching goals.
  • Review and enhance remote working technology services to ensure seamless operations.
  • Minimise business disruptions stemming from IT challenges.
  • Collaborate with partners to draft a sustainable long-term IT plan and budget.
  • Finally, implement service reporting mechanisms, focusing on relevant measures and KPIs.


What the Director Did

Legal Tech Strategy Overhaul and Remote Working Enhancements

It had been nearly a decade since the organisation last updated its technology infrastructure. This outdated approach led to frequent disruptions, especially evident during remote work sessions. The CIO collaborated with the leadership team. Together, they gauged the business’s pulse, pinpointed requirements, and identified areas needing improvement. Then, with the support of the IT Partner, they rolled out a state-of-the-art hybrid platform. This move drastically improved the organisation’s operational availability, with a special emphasis on remote functionalities.

Technology Services Delivery Process Refinement and KPI Implementation

The organisation acknowledged a glaring gap in their internal service delivery expertise. In order to address this, the Director introduced a revamped service delivery process. Engaging with the leadership team, they pinpointed key performance indicators essential for gauging success. An oversight framework was established, and a reporting mechanism was set in motion. Therefore, this strategic move ensured the IT partner’s actions aligned with the organisation’s expectations.

Strengthening IT Relationship within the Organisation

Historically, the organisation’s perception of technology was less than favourable. The Director, understanding the importance of Solicitors’ digital transformation, was tasked with reshaping this view. The aim was to foster a positive outlook towards the ongoing tech initiatives. A comprehensive communication plan was drafted, encompassing the duration of the programme and beyond. Finally, through a series of workshops, briefings, and consistent communication, the organisation began to see technology as an ally, not an adversary.


The Results

  • Reduced support tickets by 35% post programme 
  • Improved technology delivery allowing a 7% headcount reduction. 
  • Replaced telecommunications platform reducing costs by 29%