y, Our part-time IT Director came in to help this company revolutionise their telecoms product, providing them with the roadmap they need to implement the strategy required to best suit their customers.

Company Profile

Having spent more than 10 years providing translation services for a range of industries, the business was founded in 2017 to serve the unmet needs of the assistance industry.

CEO’s Mission

The business wanted to revolutionise the way they utilised their telecoms product to connect their clients and patients to the most relevant translator.  A quick resolution was required, while supporting management overview of cases and the dynamic nature of the cases.

What Our Director Did

Delivered A Technical Analysis Of The Product’s Requirements

The business wanted to improve their linguistic offering, which utilised traditional technology for phone calls.  These calls required excessive organisation and management and inherently had a lack of visibility, call control and cost-management.  The business displayed commitment to building a best-in-class solution. They hoped to improve the 1-1 and 1-many personal interactions with their clients and their linguists.

The Director helped in producing a full requirements specification for the project including use-cases for the system.

Demonstrated And Delivered A Plan For Building The Product

The Director looked at the suite of products available to meet the demands of the business, identified the best for implementation.  They then provided a prototype demonstrating a video-based solution, showcasing the potential of modern cloud-based video solutions. Finally, they calculated costs based on expected call volumes and also considered options for an audio-only solution. The client completely subscribed to the video-centric solution as they recognised this could revolutionise their customer experience and put them streets ahead of the competition.

The IT Director then went on to build a full technical architecture document and development guide. This helped the existing software provider and CTO (of which both had little telecoms experience previously) implement the solution with ease.

The Results

The Director had 3 deliverables on this project: full requirements document, a prototype, and a technical architecture document. All three were delivered on time and within budget.  The external development company are now in the process of building this product.