IT strategy and business innovation leader Adam Warren, boasts a career spanning over a decade, characterised by significant achievements in high-level IT and business strategy roles. His journey in the tech industry started when he assumed the role of Managing Director at Tandem Systems Ltd. Over the course of nearly ten years at Tandem Systems, Adam was pivotal in transforming the company into a crucial technology ally for numerous businesses. His strategic initiatives were fundamental in diminishing operational risks, enhancing overall performance, and amplifying productivity. He adeptly leveraged contemporary technological advancements to foster business innovation, accelerate growth, and enhance productivity, thus ensuring a robust competitive advantage for the company.

Adam’s career trajectory took him to Aabyss Limited, where he served as the Chief Information Officer for over two years. In this role, he continued to demonstrate exceptional skill in driving digital transformation and strategic IT management. His skill set during this period expanded to include Cloud Computing and specialised strategies for Chief Information Officers, reflecting his ability to adapt to the rapidly evolving IT landscapes and business needs.

Currently, Adam holds the position of Director of Strategy at Quantive. He has been instrumental in leading the consulting function within the business. As an IT strategy and business innovation leader, Adam is responsible for setting new standards and processes to ensure consistent excellence across client businesses. He collaborates closely with client leadership teams to develop innovative strategies, using technology as a catalyst for industry-wide change. Adam’s leadership extends to overseeing internal and outsourced teams, including project engineers, support staff, system integrators, and developers, ensuring the successful delivery of IT projects and upholding high service standards.