Damien boasts a career spanning over three decades, holding pivotal roles such as CIO, COO, and Commercial Director. As a senior technology transformation leader, he has been at the forefront of driving change and innovation in the tech industry. His tenure includes stints at global giants like IBM, Nokia, and Telecom. This time has equipped him with a unique blend of senior management expertise. This vast experience enables Damien to assist companies in carving out their niche by crafting unparalleled value propositions.

Furthermore, his skills are not limited to management; Damien excels in business and technology transformation. He has a proven track record of acting as a senior technology transformation leader on initiatives across diverse digital platforms. These include technology enterprises, and media channels. His leadership style is rooted in a deep understanding of both business and technology.
Some of Damien’s Achievements Include:

Global Mobile Appstore: Damien was the driving force behind the conception, development, and successful launch of the world’s inaugural global mobile Appstore. Under his direction, the Appstore saw exponential growth, with revenues skyrocketing to €100m and its services expanding to over 80 countries worldwide.
Mobile Money Solution: As the Programme and Commercial Director, Damien played a pivotal role in the groundbreaking Mobile Money Solution initiative. This project, backed by the UK and Nigerian Governments, aimed to provide financial solutions for the unbanked population. Today, thanks to Damien’s efforts, the service thrives in Nigeria, catering to 25 million users.
Merchant Banking Software: Damien’s visionary leadership was evident when he directed the creation of a pioneering merchant banking secure software platform. This platform, which now operates across three continents, revolutionised merchant banking services. Furthermore, Damien’s strategic approach was instrumental in securing £30m in growth funding for the project.