Lee, an individual with an background in operational excellence expertise, has made significant contributions to the business world through his experience and diverse skill set. Lee, as the former Chief Commercial Officer at Personal Group, a UK-regulated Insurance and Employee Benefits enterprise, played a pivotal role in the industry. Over 35 years, he has achieved substantial success in a variety of operational functions, industry sectors, and organisations throughout his career.

Throughout his career, Lee has demonstrated skills in securing major contracts, amounting to £500 million in wins. This achievement showcases his proficiency in business development and underscores his capacity to navigate complex commercial landscapes effectively. He approaches business with an innovative ‘Outside-In’ perspective. This has proven to be a game-changer in challenging and enhancing existing commercial and operational paradigms.

Lee’s expertise in operational excellence is further bolstered by his academic and professional qualifications. As a Lean Six Sigma Blackbelt, he brings a rich knowledge of continuous improvement and process excellence to the table.

His skills extend to a wide range of areas including business development, customer experience management, continuous improvement, process excellence, work automation, digitisation, and people development. In particular, Lee’s focus on mental toughness and employee wellbeing reflects a comprehensive approach to business operations. He likes to emphasise the importance of a balanced and inclusive workplace environment.

Finally, throughout his career, Lee has worked with numerous prestigious companies. His portfolio includes collaborations with many FTSE100, AIM, and SME businesses. These include Bunzl, Lloyds Banking Group, Yodel, Personal Group, and Garic UK. These collaborations underscore Lee’s versatility and his ability to adapt his operational excellence expertise to various business models.