Les specialises in providing senior-level technology leadership and digital transformation expertise and has a proven track record spanning over 30 years. His extensive experience encompasses a wide range of sectors, including B2B, B2C corporate, SME, and charity organisations, along with exposure to venture capital.

One of Les’s key strengths lies in his ability to provide effective leadership across all organisational levels, resulting in tangible results. He excels in rapidly forging valuable relationships with individuals of diverse personalities, fostering achievement-oriented and collaborative cultures.

Throughout his career, Les has collaborated with renowned companies such as Rolls Royce (ongoing), B&M, Dr. Martens, Riskhub, Lucchini Unipart Rail, Pilgrim’s, Pfizer, Novartis, and numerous others. His expertise extends to developing digital transformation programs that meticulously identify key areas, strengths, and weaknesses, guiding businesses through comprehensive 360º technology advancement initiatives.