Senior financial and operational leadership expert Mandy Stephens has a remarkable career spanning over decades in various high-level roles within the CLS Group Services. Her tenure as Chief Operating Officer was marked by exemplary leadership in complex operational environments. As Managing Director, Mandy excelled in providing technical, financial, and administrative support. This demonstrated her skills in senior financial and operational leadership.

Mandy Stephens then transitioned to a new challenge as a member of the Technology Advisory Community Consultant at Endava. In this role, she focused on industry and technology consulting services, emphasising digital evolution and agile transformation. This career move highlights her adaptability and deep expertise across various sectors.

Renowned for her strategic planning and financial analysis skills, Mandy Stephens is a finance-qualified operations expert with a proven track record in driving operational change and implementing strong corporate governance. Her key strengths include engaging and motivating employees, managing change, coordinating multi-functional disciplines, and translating strategic visions into actionable strategies. Her expertise in implementing robust controls, business planning, and applying commercial and financial analysis has significantly enhanced operational delivery capabilities.