Mark’s experience in strategic technology leadership is marked by his tenure as the Head of Front Office Technology at Sunrise Brokers LLP. In this role, Mark was responsible for managing the front office development and infrastructure teams. He successfully implemented a governance structure, established clear reporting lines to senior partners, and introduced initiatives to foster innovation. His approach in guiding senior management to realise commercial value from in-house technology was pivotal. Mark also led the implementation of development best practices and the strategic technology infrastructure, including the adoption of agile planning and the migration of all in-house strategic infrastructure to Amazon Web Services.

Mark’s strategic technology leadership led him to Head of Equities Electronic Markets Product Strategy at Fenics. His responsibilities included electronic markets product development across the BGC group of equity and equity derivatives franchises. He played a crucial role in delivering on strategic objectives to support sustained business growth, identifying and developing new electronic revenue streams and products, and managing relationships with stakeholders in the capital markets and technology communities.

Currently, as the Chief Product & Technology Officer at Connectd, Mark continues to demonstrate his leadership skills. He is responsible for overseeing all product-related aspects, emphasising customer engagement. His role in connecting startups, investors, and NEDs showcases his ability to integrate technology and business strategy effectively.

Throughout his career, Mark has shown a consistent ability to lead technology teams and projects successfully. His skills in managing product strategy, fostering innovation, and building stakeholder relationships are evident across his various roles. Mark’s career is a testament to his profound impact in the realm of strategic technology leadership, significantly contributing to the success and evolution of the businesses he has been part of.