Matt is an exceptionally accomplished and experienced sales leader with a remarkable career spanning over two decades. With expertise as a sales director, Matt has consistently demonstrated his ability to drive profitable growth and maintain outstanding levels of customer retention. His extensive background includes cultivating high-performing sales teams and fostering a culture of success within organisations.

Matt excels in delivering and managing transformational change, and has a genuine passion for people development. He adopts a coaching leadership style, empowering those around him to unlock their full potential and excel in their roles.

Matt has ventured into diverse sectors, both in the public and private spheres. His wide-ranging experience spans across industries such as hospitality, professional services, leisure, utilities, facility management, food retail and production, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, and industrial sectors. He has successfully led teams in achieving over £100 million in new business while retaining contracts worth more than £250 million. Even during times of crisis and disruption, Matt has consistently steered his teams towards budget performance. He strives in showcasing his unwavering leadership prowess as an experienced sales leader.