With a passion for software development at his core, Stephen is a CTO with a Focus on Technology Innovation. Stephen has spent the majority of his career entrenched in the IT field. He has predominantly occupied high-ranking C-level positions as a CIO/CTO for over 15 years. Stephen’s extensive tenure in these leadership roles has spanned diverse industries. These include travel and transportation, eCommerce, online marketplaces, recruitment, sports, and eLearning. Notably, he has lent his expertise to renowned organisations including Driven Worldwide, BBC, JP Morgan, Woodchester Bank, Land Securities, and Ryvita.

Stephen’s illustrious career highlights underscored his profound impact on revolutioniaing the management of financial roadshows, specifically in terms of technology and operational aspects. His approach bore the mark of unwavering commitment to technological innovation and increased efficiency. Consequently, he has empowered businesses to capitalise on opportunities in a highly demanding client landscape. As a CTO with a on technology innovation, Stephen has consistently delivered groundbreaking solutions that drive success in the IT sphere.