Stuart Duthie is renowned for digital transformation leadership in IT, with a career spanning over a decade. He has held a series of strategic roles, significantly contributing to technological and operational advancements in various organisations.

Starting his journey as the IT Director at Premierline, part of Allianz, Stuart was instrumental in reshaping the company’s digital and IT strategies. His efforts were pivotal in transitioning Premierline from a direct-to-market insurer to a broker-focused model. This allowed them to enhance customer insights and product offerings.

Stuart then took on the mantle of Head of Commercial IT at Allianz Insurance. Here, he managed a £1bn book of business. He overhauled the department’s delivery and morale, leading to a 36% increase in staff engagement. His leadership in this role was critical in setting the foundation for future successes in the company.

As Chief Technology Officer at Openwork Ltd, Stuart accelerated delivery and overcame previous underinvestment in technology, people, and processes. He was a key driver in a record-breaking year for the mortgage business and played a significant role in expanding tech services. This helped in reducing costs, and enhancing cybersecurity measures.

Stuart then served as a freelance executive for XPON Technologies Group, offering strategic enablement for digital transformation projects, notably for BCIC in Jamaica. His strategic planning and technological implementations were crucial in creating seamless and transformational customer experiences.

Currently, Stuart is with Qualocity, where he continues to leverage his expertise in digital transformation leadership in IT. His work focuses on guiding businesses through technological advancements, emphasising operational efficiency and growth, combining quality and velocity in every strategy.