Strategic marketing leadership and business innovation expert Susana Marambio has over 15 years experience in the industry. Her tenure at Office Depot Europe B.V. for nearly a decade stands as a testament to her contributions to the company’s growth and market presence.

In her role as the European Marketing Manager for Private Brand, Susana developed and executed marketing strategies across Europe for Office Depot’s private brand portfolio. Her innovative approach in multi-channel marketing extended across 5 brands in 14 countries, significantly reinforcing the company’s European market position.

As the European Category Manager for Technology, her strategic prowess in product assortment management for electronic office supplies and computer accessories drove 23% of the company’s overall revenue. This period highlighted her skills in market analysis, strategic alignment with customer and regional profiles, and vendor relations.

Susana’s impact as Product Manager was marked by her effective negotiation skills and robust marketing strategies. This has contributed to a significant portion of the company’s sales. Transitioning to the Marketing Director at EQS Ltd, she demonstrated her versatility in both B2C and B2B sectors. During her time, she developed comprehensive marketing strategies that included product strategy and sales team management.

In her current role as the Director and Co-Owner of Beacon Business Commercial Services, Susana utilises her vast experience in strategic marketing leadership and business innovation. She offers a unique “Marketing Power Hour,” providing personalised marketing consultation, embodying her dedication to fostering growth in others. Her professional journey is a remarkable blend of leadership, strategic vision, and innovative marketing, profoundly impacting the business landscape.