Victor Porter is a certified expert in outdoor digital advertising innovation. His journey began as Digital Technology Consultant at MediaCo Outdoor Ltd, where he successfully launched CityLive, a trailblazing real-time interactive Digital Out of Home network. This project underlined his skill in merging cloud computing, digital media, and change management, thereby setting a new benchmark in outdoor digital advertising.

Advancing to Clear Channel UK as the Technology Director, Victor’s tenure was marked by transformative strides in outdoor digital advertising. He was pivotal in digitising the UK’s largest roadside advertising network, propelling a tenfold increase in digital revenues. His initiatives like Adshel-Live, Malls-Live, and Billboards-Live, were cornerstones in this era of outdoor digital advertising innovation. Victor’s role involved extensive cloud and agile software development, alongside deploying data-driven, real-time content delivery systems.

Victor then expanded his influence to an international scale, managing digital technology operations for 17,000 outdoor screens across 17 countries. He was instrumental in standardising digital ad delivery technologies and establishing a multinational support model, crucial in globalising the reach of outdoor digital advertising.

Currently, Victor continues his legacy in outdoor digital advertising innovation at Quintrox, where he has been a Technology Expert. His multifaceted roles include serving as Chief Digital Officer at Glencairn Crystal, Technology Adviser at Amoria Bond, and Consultant at Southport BID. These positions underscore his expertise in cloud computing, IT strategy, and business transformation. This further emphasises his impact in the field of outdoor digital advertising.

Victor’s career is a testament to his exceptional skills. These include communication, IT management, and governance, particularly in the sphere of outdoor digital advertising innovation. His proficiency in engaging at board level, strategising digital transformation, and steering change management has been central to his success.