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Seeking financial growth, funding, or acquisition? Opt for a fractional finance director to bring expertise to your business at a fraction of the cost.

Fractional Finance Director Guide

What does a Fractional Finance Director do?Move beyond the financials and position your company for a stronger future.
How can a Fractional Finance Director help my business grow?The role of the modern Fractional Finance Director has changed. See how.
Meet your Fractional Finance DirectorOur experienced Fractional Finance Director's will deliver transformative leadership.
Fractional Finance Director FAQsAny other questions? We’ll answer them here.

Empower Your Financial Strategy with an Experienced Fractional Finance Director

As transformative leaders, we hold ourselves accountable for key decisions that drive your business growth, all without fixed-term contracts and with total flexibility.


Transformative Leadership

With a fractional finance director who’s a seasoned expert in their field, your team will be empowered with the necessary knowledge, skills, and experience to propel your business to greater heights.


Immediate Impact

You can expect to see tangible results from day one because we bring a wealth of experience and streamlined processes to the table, allowing us to quickly identify your business’s growth needs.


No Risk To You

We offer flexible staffing solutions that don’t require long-term contracts or 3-6 month notice periods. If your needs change, we can quickly adapt and make changes to our personnel as necessary.

What Does a Fractional Finance Director Do?

A fractional finance director goes beyond merely maintaining financial records, proactively planning and positioning your business for a thriving future. They will:

  • Achieve Funding Goals – With an extensive network of partners and investors, a fractional finance director can provide you with access to all types of funding, guiding you through the entire process to achieve your funding goals.
  • Streamline Growth – Scaling your business can be challenging without the right funding, processes, or technology in place. A fractional finance director can provide you with the guidance and expertise you need to streamline your growth process.
  • Improve Valuation – A fractional finance director can help you develop a growth plan and roadmap to optimize the value of your business. With their expertise, you can ensure that your business gets the valuation it deserves.
  • Navigate Change/Restructuring – As the goals of businesses change over time, it can be challenging to navigate periods of change and restructuring. A fractional finance director has the expertise and experience to help you make a smooth, successful transition during this time.
  • Maximize Exit Value – If you’re looking to sell your business, a fractional finance director can help you prepare for the exit to ensure that your business sells for its true value.

Can a Fractional Finance Director Help My Business?

  • Today’s finance directors have a role that goes beyond merely managing finances and maintaining strict financial support functions. They have evolved into strategic business leaders and trusted advisors to CEOs.
  • These professionals actively lead teams, provide valuable financial advice, and contribute to the development of overarching business strategies that align with an organization’s long-term objectives.
  • Growing businesses may not have an individual with this caliber of experience and expertise on their team, and hiring a full-time finance director or CFO can be both risky and expensive.
  • Leadership Services provides a versatile finance solution, offering access to seasoned fractional finance directors who bring transformative leadership to your business from the outset – without the burden of long-term commitments or extortionate costs.
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Knowledge & Experience

With a minimum of ten years in senior finance roles and a history of successful outcomes, your fractional finance director brings exceptional expertise.

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No Tie-Ins

Avoid recruitment costs and lengthy contracts, with the freedom to terminate your agreement without being tied to a fixed contract term.

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Affordable Model

Small-to-medium enterprises can secure the expertise of a high-caliber fractional finance director at a fraction of the cost of employing a full-time finance director.

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Complete Flexibility

Your fractional finance director is ready to begin when you are, and our adaptable contracts allow you to adjust commitments based on your evolving requirements.

Full-Time Benefits

Our expertise in fractional financial services enables us to achieve the same outcomes as a full-time finance director more efficiently.

We Join Your Team

Your fractional finance director serves as a dedicated team member rather than merely a consultant, providing strategic insight and transformative leadership from within your organization.

Meet Your Fractional Finance Director

A fractional finance director possesses the necessary skills and experience to provide transformative leadership in alignment with your business goals.

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Fractional Finance Director FAQs

Hiring a fractional finance director can be a valuable option for many businesses. Fractional finance directors provide specialized financial expertise and experience without the cost of a full-time finance director. They can be brought in on an as-needed basis, providing flexibility and cost savings for small businesses and startups. Fractional finance directors can help businesses make better financial decisions, improve their financial health, and scale their operations as they grow. Overall, the value of a fractional finance director depends on the specific needs and goals of the business.

A finance director is a full-time executive responsible for managing the financial operations of a company. They oversee financial strategy and planning, manage budgets and financial reports, and provide leadership to the finance department. A fractional finance director, on the other hand, is an outsourced financial expert who works part-time for multiple clients. They provide specialized financial expertise and guidance without the cost of a full-time employee. Fractional finance directors are typically engaged on an ongoing basis and work remotely, providing support and guidance as needed.

A fractional finance director provides specialized financial expertise and guidance to businesses on an as-needed basis. They typically work remotely and are engaged on an ongoing basis to provide support and guidance as needed. Fractional finance directors may provide a range of services, including financial strategy and planning, budgeting and forecasting, cash flow management, financial reporting, and analysis. They may also help businesses with fundraising, mergers and acquisitions, and other financial transactions.

Hiring a fractional finance director can provide businesses with access to specialized financial expertise and guidance without the cost of a full-time employee. Fractional finance directors can provide cost savings and flexibility, making them an attractive option for small businesses and startups. They can help businesses make better financial decisions, improve their financial health, and scale their operations as they grow. Fractional finance directors can also provide an objective perspective and fresh insights, helping businesses identify new opportunities and potential risks.

Interim finance directors and fractional finance directors are both temporary, part-time solutions for businesses in need of financial expertise, but they differ in a few key ways. Interim finance directors are typically hired to fill a temporary leadership gap in a company, while fractional finance directors are outsourced financial experts who work part-time for multiple clients. Interim finance directors are usually full-time employees and work on-site at the company’s location, while fractional finance directors work remotely. Interim finance directors are responsible for managing day-to-day financial operations and developing financial strategies, while fractional finance directors provide strategic financial guidance and support.

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