Our IT Director came in to help this company transition to a new cloud-based CRM system, as well as ensuring that all legacy platforms and data repositories were successfully migrated.

Company Overview

Established in 2003, our company provides top-tier connectivity using a blend of wireless and wired technologies to enterprises in North West England. We boast the UK’s most sophisticated hybrid ISP network, ensuring quicker connections than standard fibre.

CEO’s Misson

Our aim is to spearhead a comprehensive Salesforce adoption across the company. This initiative will align our technological resources with our business strategy, optimizing operational expenses and showcasing value to our clientele and stakeholders.

CIO’s Goals

  • Transition to a unified cloud-based CRM system for streamlined business operations.
  • Integrate and simplify infrastructure that had become bloated after multiple mergers and acquisitions.

What the Director Did

  • Offered pivotal leadership and strategic direction for other senior members of staff.
  • Played a key role in the management team overseeing numerous acquisitions.
  • Streamlined multiple systems post-acquisition into a unified CRM Salesforce system, a service management system (ServiceNow), and phased out redundant billing platforms.
  • Adopted Office 365 to enhance platform reliability and foster better communication and collaboration. Also, introduced Agile Software development practices, yielding immediate business advantages, system change management, and budgetary oversight.
  • Assessed back-office systems and tools, pinpointing business applications that best fit our operational processes.
  • Supervised the IT infrastructure’s unification and system integration post several acquisitions.

Project Execution

The IT Director championed a series of transition projects, shifting various platforms and data repositories to a cloud-based CRM system. This strategy was chosen to ensure the company’s adaptability, longevity, and resilience amidst evolving work dynamics.

Efficiency Enhancements

By enhancing application integrations and crafting real-time Management Information dashboards, data dissemination became swifter and more precise. Department heads could make informed decisions promptly, significantly boosting the company’s operational efficiency.

The Results

Upon completion of the transformation project, the organisation operated on a single CRM system, with monitoring systems and a customer portal which made the company more efficient, able to make better-informed decisions on the data they had and in a stronger position to scale their service delivery moving forwards.