Our part-time UK based gasket manufacturer in streamlining their operations through the plan and implantation of a new ERP System Integration.

Company Profile

This company, operating from two locations in the UK, specialises in manufacturing gaskets, catering to clients both domestically and internationally.

Operations Director’s Mission

The Operations Director identified significant service inconsistencies, pricing issues, and inefficiencies in manufacturing processes. The company struggled with effective workload management, relying on manual planning and paper-based job management. Complicating matters were two different ERP systems in use. The Director needed a solution to streamline these systems for more effective operations management.

CIO’s Objectives

  • Digitise the process from order to cash.
  • Shift the company culture to prioritise a systems-first approach.
  • Provide reliable data to support decision-making.
  • Manage the IT budget efficiently.

What the CIO Did

Created an Environment for Change

Addressing the resistance to technological change, the CIO tackled the challenges of using dual ERP systems. The business had previously experienced data loss, resulting in distrust in IT infrastructure. They developed a business continuity plan, tested disaster recovery capabilities, and refined risk management processes.

Made the ERP the Centre of the Business

Understanding user needs was key to transitioning fully to the new ERP system and phasing out legacy software. The Director collaborated with an external specialist to customise the ERP software, aligning it with the business’s unique needs. This ERP system integration enabled digital processing from order to cash, facilitated data capture on the shop floor for management decision-making, and introduced automation into business processes.

Managed the Budget and Performance

Traditionally, the company had combined IT with operational costs, such as machine repairs. The Director created a distinct IT department, allocating a specific budget and starting monthly reports to the board. They introduced a new managed service provider to improve infrastructure results. The Director actively renegotiated contracts with IT vendors to achieve better outcomes. Working with the board, they developed a roadmap for future investments, which included integrating the second manufacturing site, enhancing mobile staff capabilities, and upgrading security.

The Results

  • Improved customer satisfaction by delivering promise 
  • Improved margins by 10% by costing products correctly and enabling better purchasing 
  • Reduced manufacturing staff costs by 15% by automating planning 
  • Enabled business to continue throughout the Covid-19 pandemic 
  • Delivered Cyber Essentials compliance 
  • Cut IT expenditure whilst delivering measured improvements to service