Company Profile 

This company delivers hardware solutions together with a SAAS platform to enable companies, from large enterprises to innovative SMEs; to transform the way that they deploy and integrate cutting-edge technology (IoT, Edge, AI, ML, Data analytics etc). 


The company is a full-service IT provider to large and small businesses, supplying computer equipment and the latest software solutions delivered via a cloud-based software-as-a-service platform. This enables them to provide flexible and immediate services utilising the latest technologies, including artificial intelligence and machine learning, the Internet of things, Edge data management and data analytics.  

CEO’s Mission 

The CEO identified that the company could not grow in its present state. It needed fresh thinking, a new direction, and funding if it was to grow market share and survive in the long term. The management team was young (under 30 years old) and inexperienced; most had been with the company from the beginning.   

Appointing an experienced part-time CFO would add senior experience and support to the management team to help define what they needed to do, and execute difficult decisions, whilst continuing to drive the business forward in a new direction. 


The CEO wants the business to grow to enable it to survive in the long term. They have recognised that to be able to achieve their objective the business needs a new direction, to grow market share, and will require additional funding. 

The CEO wants the Finance Leader to use their senior experience to: 

  1. Inject new fresh thinking, perspectives, and experiences into the management team with the aim of supporting them to help define what they need to do to make the business grow. 
  1. Help execute difficult decisions, which may include for example restructuring the business and its workforce. 
  1. lead raising new funding, if it is part of the agreed new business plan. 
  1. Help the management team execute the new business plan and propel the business on its new course. 

CFO’s Objectives 

  • Take responsibility for the day-to-day management of the business as CFO  
  • Redesign operations and processes to enable the company to scale 
  • Work with the CEO on several key business areas to enable the company to pivot 
  • Create a culture of delivery and operational excellence 

 Take responsibility for the day-to-day management of the business as CFO 

Ensure that the day-to-day management, systems and governance of the company’s finances are secure and robust. i.e. secure payment systems, current and future cashflow management, revenue protection etc. 

Ensure that the finance team is adequately resourced and qualified to manage the company finances. 

Closely monitor the performance and financial resources of the company, report and take appropriate action where necessary. 

Make sure the company is compliant with all relevant laws and authorities. 


Redesign operations and processes to enable the company to scale 

To analyse and appraise existing operational systems. 

Understand the process requirements of the scaled organisation. 

To design a plan to migrate from the existing systems and implement the new processes. 


Work with the CEO on several key business areas to enable the company to pivot 

To work with the CEO to help them define the issues to be solved. 

To use the CFO’s experience and expertise to offer examples and techniques of potential solutions. 

Where appropriate, introduce subject matter experts to the CEO from the CFOs network to advise or provide specialist solutions.   

To assist the CEO in collating the learning into a coherent strategic plan, and if possible, how success can be measured. 


Create a culture of delivery and operational excellence 

Lead by example. 

Clearly define expectations and deliverables. 

Introduce a transparent measurement and feedback system. 

No blame culture, only learning from mistakes and implementing changes. 

What the CFO / Finance Leader Did 


FD – Creating, setting up systems and operating a new overseas company. 

Initially working remotely from the UK, created a new corporate entity in Australia, negotiating country-specific corporate law and tax hurdles. Set up the finance and operating IT systems and recruited team members. Operational day-to-day financial management, reporting and business planning. Detailed working capital management. 

Led commercial negotiations and contract drafting, securing deals with multinational JV partners. 

Recruitment company Interim FD – Worked with the CEO to stabilise the business and create a platform for growth. 

Having reviewed the business systems and finances it was clear that the company had expanded too quickly, resulting in the operational and financial resources being stretched. Poor and inaccurate reporting meant that senior management did not have a reliable picture of the business finances. In addition, the CEO had started negotiations to acquire another business.  

Restructuring the finance team and updating processes resulted in accurate and more timely financial reporting. This was further augmented with detailed activity analysis, demonstrating the strengths and weaknesses within the business. As a result, management acted and removed unprofitable business lines, which improved overall efficiency and the working capital position. 

Upon analysis, it became apparent that the CEO had overestimated the available funds in the business to be able to acquire the new company. The cashflow contribution and perceived efficiencies that the acquisition would make were also much lower than originally anticipated. Working with the CEO it was established that the acquisition was unwise and would only gain marginal market share and that the company had sufficient internal resources to quickly accumulate this market share anyway. The purchase process was stopped, and the company group structure was reorganised and slimmed down to create further efficiencies.   

Finance Trustee  – Creating new charity, operating and finance systems  

Helped to create a new charity from scratch, which required further personal development to understand and implement Charity Commission finance rules and accounting practices.  

Funding was secured then the operational team and accounting staff were recruited. Oversaw day-to-day finance operations and reporting. Active cash flow management was very important given the tight resources. 

The Results 


  • Successfully started and operated a new high-quality international business employing a team of 12 industry professionals.  
  • Successfully started and operated a new charity. 
  • Secured JV agreements with multinational companies, resulting in fee income of £5.2m over two years. 
  • Implemented integrated SAAS finance and operating systems across several organisations. 
  • Stabilised a £20m t/o dysfunctional business, creating a solid platform for future growth and helped develop and deliver a strategic plan. 
  • Guided to avoid a £700k inappropriate investment.  
  • Implemented accurate and timely reporting across all organisations resulting in informed decision making. 
  • Recruited and managed strong capable teams in all organisations.