Our part-time chief operating officer was instrumental in implementing strategic operational enhancement in a fleet supply chain management company.

Company Profile

Specialising in Supply Chain Management and Consultancy for the Fleet industry, this independent business provides outsourced solutions including network management, service booking, technical services, general administration, and consultancy services. They cater to a wide range of clients, from large enterprises to innovative SMEs.

CEO’s Mission

In preparation for the business sale, the CEO recognised that growth was stagnant. The company required innovative thinking and a new direction to increase market share and build upon its heritage. With a relatively inexperienced management team, the CEO saw the need for an experienced Operations Leader (COO) to add senior experience, guide tough decisions, and enhance company valuation through strategic operational enhancement.

COO’s Objectives

  • Oversee the commercial development of the supplier network.
  • Collaborate with the senior management team to develop new products & services.
  • Partner with the CEO to develop and safeguard the business.
  • Foster a culture of delivery, operational excellence, and inclusion.

What the COO Did

New Product Development

The COO identified new business opportunities, leveraging the company’s operational capabilities to create a product proposition for an emerging market. This included developing leads with new OEMs and establishing a garage network tailored to their aftersales requirements.

Provided Leadership and Strategic Insights

The COO introduced a Balanced Scorecard to assess garage network quality and performance, identifying high-performing and struggling sites. This initiative resulted in significant improvement in network performance, and the insights gained became a valued asset to clients.

Designed and Delivered a Transformational Change Roadmap

Upon reviewing the organisation, the COO pinpointed areas for improvement to future proof the business and open new revenue streams. A comprehensive transformational roadmap of change was developed, considering employees, products, operational needs, and customer requirements, ensuring strategic operational enhancement.

Key Areas of the Plan:

  • Network Capabilities: Enhanced the garage network to meet emerging customer needs, including a training program for Battery Electric and Hybrid Vehicle maintenance.
  • Network Coverage: Implemented a program to expand network coverage in response to closing franchised garages.
  • Network Income: Developed new services and programs to improve margins for both garages and Fleet Assist, alongside an affinity program to strengthen network relationships and generate additional income.
  • Day-to-Day Management: The COO played a critical role in fostering an inclusive culture, managing day-to-day operations, and implementing performance and workflow management using the OKRs framework.

This strategic operational enhancement approach led by the COO was pivotal in steering the company towards sustainable growth and enhancing its market presence.

The Results

  • Increased the garage network coverage from 70% to 75% 
  • Transitioned network to support the rapid adoption of BEVs by fleets with over 80% of the network able to service and repair Electric Vehicles 
  • Established a partnership approach with external companies to identify suitable garages and build the independent network by 30% 
  • Established effective processes and procedures to control and minimise annual rate increases and limited this to 1.3% in 2022 against a headline RPI of 11.6% 
  • Launched an innovative new product aimed at network garages delivering over £120k pa in revenue and improving the profitability of garages on the network. This was also endorsed by one leading OEM 
  • Developed a garage affinity scheme providing access to affordable services to support the independent garage network and generated £60k additional income with plans for rapid expansion of the programme 
  • Completed several consultative assignments delivering £50k in revenue 
  • Developed Kite-mark program delivering £20k in the first year of operation 
  • Won the Innovation in SMR “Service Maintenance and Repair” category at The Great British Fleet Awards