Andrew Elia, a distinguished digital innovation strategist, excels in marrying technical expertise with strategic business acumen. Andrew has built a career over twenty years. This has been marked by key roles in internet, mobile, desktop, and embedded systems, demonstrating his ability to innovate in the dynamic tech landscape.

In his role as Consultant Technical Director at Athlon and ustwo, Andrew focuses on developing and implementing advanced technical strategies. He brings a deep understanding of the industry’s nuances. This helps in guiding these organisations through complex technical challenges to remain at the forefront of digital innovation.

As the Managing Director of Arishi, Andrew’s strategic vision has significantly expanded the company’s influence in the tech sector. In this role, he is responsible for the overall operations, strategic direction, and client relations. This has helped in effectively steering the company towards sustained growth and innovation.

A hallmark of Andrew’s approach is his exceptional communication skills, making him an effective advocate for new technological solutions. He excels in articulating complex technical concepts to a diverse range of stakeholders. This esnures clear understanding and fostering strong client relationships. This skill set has been instrumental in enhancing client engagement and driving sales through intelligent and accessible communication of technical offerings.

Andrew’s expertise extends beyond technical knowledge. He is adept at identifying efficient methods to deliver and monetise technical innovation, content, and information. His insights are invaluable in assisting clients to navigate the shifting technical and commercial environments, enabling them to capitalise on emerging opportunities.

Andrew embodies the essence of a digital innovation strategist. His technical knowledge, combined with strategic business insights and outstanding communication skills, positions him as a figure in technology and business consulting.