Strategic IT consultancy expert Darryl began his leadership career his role as the Technical Director at Towersolve Ltd. In this position, Darryl, as the Director and Founder, played a critical role in shaping the IT infrastructure for small, medium, and large organisations in the North East of England. His responsibilities involved designing, procuring, and installing network and infrastructure solutions within agreed budgets and timescales. His ability to manage these complex projects showcased his aptitude for understanding and addressing the varied IT needs of different organisations.

Currently, Darryl serves as the CTO at The CTO Practice. This position further underscores his skills in strategic IT consultancy. At The CTO Practice, Darryl is involved in delivering virtual CTO services, including M&A support, consultancy, and board advisory services. His work involves collaborating with experienced CTOs within the vibrant technology industry to identify and realise opportunities for clients. Darryl excels in translating complex technology solutions into simple commercial business propositions. In particular highlighting his unique ability to bridge the gap between technology and business needs.

His role at The CTO Practice demonstrates his unparalleled ability to understand and contribute to business transformation journeys. Darryl prides himself on his strategic approach to IT consultancy. He offers solutions that not only align with technological advancements but also deliver tangible business benefits.

Throughout his career, Darryl has consistently proven his expertise in leading and advising on technology strategies and implementations. His skills have greatly benefitted the organisations he has worked with. This has helped in positioning him as a key figure in the field of IT consultancy and strategic technology leadership.