David is a dedicated professional who offers strategic IT consulting and digital transformation expertise. His commitment lies in ensuring that the deliverables not only align seamlessly with the business strategy but also yield tangible, measurable results. With a wealth of experience, David assist companies in identifying their IT needs. He also crafts a comprehensive roadmap that fosters business growth through a pragmatic and expeditious delivery of business outcomes.

David’s expertise has been instrumental in helping organisations drive remarkable digital transformations. These transformations have consistently surpassed expectations, often delivering 20% more than the originally approved business case. For example, David spearheaded a 3-year payback period was achieved in an astonishingly short 8 months. This achievement was possible by harmonising customer needs, implementing new IT systems, and facilitating focused colleague training.

Furthermore, David has consistently collaborated with organisations to ensure the continuous delivery of value and the proportional alignment of costs with the business needs. His approach has resulted in notable cost savings, with improvements in digital delivery and supplier sourcing leading to reductions of up to 30%.