Strategic business transformation and growth leadership expert Hemant Singh is a dynamic and accomplished professional. As the Managing Director of Neeyv, his role has been crucial in the United Kingdom’s business landscape. Hemant’s leadership in founding and shaping the consultancy organisation involves overseeing strategy, business sourcing, client portfolio management, quality control, and profit & loss operations.

Hemant’s tenure at Neeyv is marked by his ability to assist companies in meeting their visions and objectives. He has transformed struggling functions and teams, while also elevating well-functioning areas to new heights. His effectiveness in communicating the impacts of business model transitions has enabled informed decision-making at the board and director levels.

His strategic negotiations and team-building skills have supported the company’s evolution, particularly in setting up architecture managed service organisations. Hemant’s influence on boards and senior executives through data-driven insights has been vital in realigning strategies for efficiency and effectiveness.

Singh then expanded his leadership reach as the CEO of Conso4s. Here, he is accountable for the comprehensive operations of the company, including strategy, profit & loss, talent development, compliance, sales, and sourcing. His guidance through the COVID-19 challenges has led to considerable business growth. Hemant’s strategies in revamping client businesses, launching new products, and entering new markets reflect his strategic business transformation and growth leadership. Additionally, he has instituted sustainable, lean, and cost-effective IT development and maintenance practices.