Ian Dalton, an expert in operational leadership in software services, has enhanced operational efficiencies and driven innovation. He has worked across various leading companies. At Software of Excellence, Dalton was the Head of Operations and Support. There, he led the company to become a top dental practice management software provider. The company served over 6,000 customers in the UK and Ireland under his leadership. His operational leadership was crucial in managing business forecasting. He also implemented Lean initiatives at the company. These efforts resulted in significant lead time reduction and revenue growth. There was a substantial increase in partnership income streams under his leadership. The company’s Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR) also improved significantly.

As the Chief Operations Officer at Omnico Group, Dalton led a transformative change management initiative, rebuilding the engineering and services teams, which enhanced delivery times and customer confidence. His approach in restructuring engineering processes and establishing a global Project Management Office (PMO) led to a marked improvement in team utilisation and performance.

Prior to his role at Omnico Group, Dalton excelled as the Group Operations Director at a global customer engagement technology company. There, he was instrumental in developing Azure-hosted customer transaction and engagement platforms. His strategic approach in prioritising backlogs and implementing SaaS tools like Mavenlink significantly improved operational visibility and planning capabilities.

Dalton’s comprehensive skillset, which includes Operational Excellence, Agile Methodologies, Risk Management, and Strategic Partnerships, cements his status as a leader in Operational Leadership in Software Services. His career is characterised by his ability to drive business growth, effectively lead teams, and implement innovative solutions in the software and service sectors.