James, a highly skilled and experienced senior product and customer success leader, has consistently demonstrated his ability to drive growth and innovation in the technology industry. With a track record of over 16 years in leadership roles, James has successfully guided the development and execution of numerous high-impact product initiatives.

Throughout his career, James has helped organisations seeking strategic leadership. He has led engineering, technical, and operational teams across Asia and Europe. This has been informed by his 14 years as the General Manager for Microsoft’s cloud business. Following this, he spent an additional 2 years as the Vice President of Cloud Infrastructure product management at Oracle.

As a senior product and customer success leader, James’s expertise extends beyond technical prowess. He possesses a forward-thinking mindset and a keen focus on growth. This ensures that both product development and customer satisfaction are at the forefront of his leadership approach. His extensive experience in the cloud industry positions him as a valuable asset for any organisation looking to thrive in today’s fast-paced technology landscape.