Joanne Safo offers innovative leadership in insurtech and insurance, and her remarkable journey in these sectors exemplifies the transformative impact of visionary leadership in the evolving landscape of insurance technology and services.

Joanne’s impressive career trajectory began at Digital Partners, where she quickly ascended to the role of Global CIO. She played a crucial role in establishing the global technology function. During this time, she set its strategic direction, and achieving its mission and goals. Under her guidance, the company saw the successful delivery of numerous large strategic and technology projects. All alongside the management of the data and analytics function.

Joanne’s contributions to the industry have not gone unnoticed. In 2019, she was honored with the Digital Champion of the Year award at the Women in Insurance Awards. Her advocacy for diversity and inclusion, highlighted in her interview with Salt for their ‘Women in Tech’ article. This showcased her dedication to fostering an inclusive work environment.

In her role as the Global Programme Director at Digital Partners, Joanne was instrumental on the global leadership team and the UK Board. Her strategic insights significantly shaped the company’s direction, demonstrating her capability in high-level decision-making and leadership.

Early in her career, Joanne gained recognition for her potential and influence. She earned the title of one of the Intelligent Insurer magazine’s Rising Stars of 2018 and featuring in Insurance Business UK’s Young Guns 2018, marking her as a key influencer in the re/insurance sector.

Joanne has also founded Orisa Consultancy in London, specialising in insurance, insurtech, and technology. This venture reflects her entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to innovation. Furthermore, she has gone on to lead Lukango, an insurtech firm in London dedicated to supporting small business owners, further emphasising her dedication to the sector.