Jon Alford is a distinguished figure in the realm of SaaS solutions leadership, with a career spanning over a decade in the technology sector. His expertise primarily lies in managing and developing SaaS products. A skill he has cultivated and enhanced through various high-profile roles.

As a Product Manager at Pareteum Corporation, Jon’s responsibilities encompassed collaborative environments, technology management, and product development. His skill set during this period was diverse, including SQL and Java programming, analytical skills, project delivery, and team leadership.

Elevating to the role of CTO/CPO at ValidSoft, Jon led the development of AI/ML-based voice biometric solutions, showcasing his capabilities in engineering, scrum methodologies, and IT management. This role was a testament to his ability to marry technical expertise with strategic business acumen.

In his most recent role as Platform/Product Director at Abacus, Jon’s SaaS solutions leadership was further solidified. He effectively managed a cross-functional technical team, guiding a large SaaS platform to a successful exit. His expanded skill set in this role included Microsoft Azure, project management, continuous delivery, and team leadership.

Jon’s career is characterised by a blend of technical proficiency, strategic planning, and effective team management. His journey through various leadership roles in the technology sector highlights his unwavering commitment to innovation and excellence in SaaS solutions.