Richard George is a distinguished figure in the realm of technology leadership and transformation. With years of experience in high-level engineering and technology management roles, he has demonstrated a profound ability to steer major technological changes and foster team excellence.

In his tenure as Head of Engineering at Shop Direct, Richard was pivotal in executing a major back-office technology transformation. This involved migrating from monolithic architecture to a microservices framework, establishing efficient data lakes and warehousing, and redefining business processes. His expertise in various software development life cycle methodologies, including agile and waterfall, ensured smooth project management. His leadership extended to team development, budget management, and effective handling of remote site operations.

Continuing his journey in technology leadership and transformation, Richard took on the role of Head of Engineering at RS Components. He led the transformation of technology teams, steering the shift from monolithic systems to microservice and function-based architectures. His strategic approach fostered synergy between front and back office teams, enhancing overall operational efficiency.

Richard’s role as Chief Technology Officer at The Football Pools marked a pinnacle in his career, emphasising his skills in technology leadership and transformation. He guided the company through a comprehensive technology transformation, aligning technological initiatives with business strategy, and leading product management and technology rationalisation. His focus on developing data analytical systems and exploring machine learning technologies positioned the company at the forefront of innovation. Richard’s acumen in budget management and team building further contributed to his success in this role.