Tim specialises in providing part-time IT Director services and strategic consultancy to small and medium-sized organisations. His extensive experience spanning 15 years positions him to help these kinds of businesses.

His core expertise lies in collaborating with senior management teams to ensure that their IT services, both in-house and 3rd party, are aligned with the organisation’s day-to-day operational needs and long-term strategic goals. Tim’s approach goes beyond traditional IT management. He tailors solutions that enhance efficiency and foster growth in leaner, more agile, and less ‘corporate’ companies.

Tim’s passion drives him to simplify complex IT landscapes and implement the most suitable strategies for each company. He designs his consultancy services to reduce operational costs, mitigate risks, and boost profitability. Through strategic consultancy, Tim empowers management teams to make informed decisions that lead to sustainable success.

Tim’s dedication to strategic consultancy enables organisations to navigate the ever-evolving IT landscape effectively, providing them with a competitive edge in achieving their operational and strategic objectives.