Victoria boasts a remarkable 20-year career in the finance industry, with a decade of experience as a seasoned Commercial CFO with expertise in finance. Her professional journey has encompassed diverse enterprises, including startups, SMEs, and established organisations, all operating within the private sector.

Victoria has primarily worked in dynamic service industry, where her innate ability to swiftly pinpoint areas for improvement sets her apart. Whether it’s optimising gearing ratios, enhancing profit margins, fostering synergies, or boosting overall volume, Victoria’s extensive experience positions her as an expert in driving operational excellence.

Throughout her career, Victoria has spearheaded major financial initiatives, including large-scale refinances, Management Buy-outs, and strategic mergers and acquisitions. She has a distinct specialisation in revitalising distressed businesses, making her a trusted leader in navigating challenging financial landscapes.

Victoria has successfully readied businesses for sale and expertly navigated numerous due diligence (DD) processes. One of her most notable achievements was the transformation of her very own social care business following a Management Buy-out (MBO). Her leadership propelled the business to a point where its value at the time of sale soared to an astounding 15 times higher than the initial purchase price, a remarkable feat achieved within just three years of her strategic exit.