Why Use a Part-Time Director?

Part-time Directors are not new. But demand in recent years for expertise across different functions has grown. Many highly experienced and qualified Directors now choose to work as a part-time director, lending their expertise and skillset to CEOs who lack senior leadership in their teams, but don’t have the requirements or budget to hire someone full-time.

At Leadership Services, we can supply:

What Type of Business Needs a Part-Time Director?

From our experience working with clients across different sectors, we’ve found that there are typically four types of companies that need a part-time Director:

  1. Companies that are growing, and want the benefits and expertise of a full-time Director without the costs.
  2. Companies undergoing significant changes that require additional Director-level resources.
  3. Companies that are looking to hire full-time, but need to hire a part-time Director on an interim basis to manage the transition – and in some cases, lead the hiring process of the full-time Director.
  4. Companies delivering a large-scale and complex project that requires senior leadership, experience and expertise to deliver on time and to budget.

What Can a Part-Time Director Offer?

Transformative leadership – Our Directors are leaders in their field, each with a track record of leading successful business transformations in the past.

Knowledge and experience – We only recruit Directors with a minimum of 10 years experience, a proven track record of success, who can deliver the same value and impact as a full-time Director.

Strategic vision – A part-time Director will be able to assess the business, analyse current performance, identify risks and opportunities, and provide a strategic roadmap to future-proof a business and position them for success.

Accountability – Unlike consultants, Leadership Services leads from within, actively taking ownership of all strategic decisions and project delivery.

Flexibility – Our Directors can start straight away. There’s no long and tiresome recruitment process. And they’ll work as many days as needed each month. We find that one day a week works best for most companies.

Mentorship and people management – An engaged and empowered team has a positive effect on an organisation’s growth. A part-time Director mentors the team, develops their skills, and ensures they’re growing, learning and thriving alongside the business.

Innovative decision-making – We’re there to challenge decisions and come up with creative, innovative solutions to help CEOs achieve their business goals.

Immediate impact – Our Directors will demonstrate value from day one. They have the experience, don’t need a learning curve, and will quickly identify what your business needs to grow.

How Does It Work?

We have a broad selection of highly experienced part-time Directors to choose from. This way, we make sure to find the right Director for your business.

  1. First step? Get in touch with us. Our Managing Director will chat with you to discuss your requirements and we’ll see how we can help.
  2. Once we understand what your needs are, we’ll send over a proposal of work that identifies deliverables, cost, and a simple set of T&Cs.
  3. Proposal finalised? Now it’s our job to select the best-suited part-time Director to join your team. We have 60 to choose from, all with 10+ years of experience at senior level.
  4. From there, your Director will take full responsibility for driving your strategy forward, developing efficient systems and processes, mentoring and upskilling your team, and ultimately delivering transformative leadership that will take your business to the next level.

Get in touch with us to find out how a part-time Director could help transform your business.

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