Our CMO came in to this distributor of industrial packaging machinery to improve their marketing with a ABM programme.

Company Profile

The company is a leading Irish distributor of industrial packaging machinery that specialises in providing customised packaging solutions for the food and pharmaceutical industry. With over 20 years of experience, this company offers a wide range of packaging machines, including filling machines, capping machines, labelling machines, and more.

CEO’s Mission

The CEO discerned a gap in the company’s growth trajectory, attributing it to marketing strategies that weren’t yielding the anticipated results.

Recognising the need for Chief Marketing Officer expertise, the decision was made to onboard an interim CMO. This move aimed to infuse senior-level experience into the sales and marketing team, guiding them towards a redefined vision and assisting in making pivotal decisions. The goal was clear: steer the business towards a fresh direction, especially after the setbacks caused by COVID-19.

CMO’s Objectives

  • Assume responsibility for the daily management of commercial activities.
  • Craft a Marketing Strategy resonating with the company’s growth aspirations.
  • Collaborate closely with the CEO on pivotal business sectors, ensuring the company rebounds from the COVID-19 interruptions and meets its growth expectations.
  • Instill a culture emphasizing delivery and operational excellence.
  • Recognise and address training requirements to enhance the skills of the existing team.

What the CMO Did

The CMO, focusing on B2B packaging marketing solutions, pinpointed three primary challenges:

  1. The company’s struggle to generate leads in a saturated market with numerous competitors offering analogous solutions.
  2. Their inability to seal deals with target accounts, predominantly large entities in the food and pharmaceutical domains.
  3. A reliance on traditional marketing avenues, which didn’t align with their high-value, elongated life cycle process.

Leadership and Strategic Insights

Post a comprehensive business audit, the fractional CMO unearthed issues stalling the company’s progress. These ranged from inter-departmental collaboration challenges, stemming from flexible work setups, to adapting to the evolving B2B buyer behavior and navigating multiple supply chain complications.

Delivered a Transformational ABM Programme

In light of a meticulous marketing audit, the CMO championed the adoption of a One-to-Many Account-Based Marketing (ABM) programme. This CMO-led ABM growth strategy encompassed:

Account Selection

The company zeroed in on target accounts, emphasising their potential value, alignment with the company’s offerings, and their propensity for engagement.

ABM Account Research Programme

A deep dive was conducted on each target account to fathom their unique challenges, pain points, and priorities concerning packaging machinery. This research amalgamated insights from online platforms, industry dossiers, customer interviews, and the sales team.

Account-Specific Content

Leveraging the research, they sculpted customer profiles and curated content tailored to each profile’s distinct challenges and pain points. This targeted marketing in packaging content spanned case studies, white papers, and webinars.

Multi-Channel Outreach

A diversified approach was employed to engage the target accounts, encompassing email campaigns, LinkedIn & Google promotions, direct mail, and bespoke landing pages.

Personalised Follow-Up

Each target account received a custom follow-up, utilising the intel amassed during the research phase. The emphasis was on nurturing relationships with pivotal decision-makers and influencers within each account.

The Results

  • The ABM strategy produced excellent results for the company. Within six months, they were able to generate over 20 new leads from their target accounts, generating a pipeline valued at €4m.
  • They also closed deals with two of their target accounts, resulting in a revenue growth of €800k.
  • They successfully secured for the first time, marketing contributions from 3 of their top suppliers.
  • Additionally, the company saw an increase in brand awareness and engagement across their target accounts as well as building stronger relationships with key decision-makers.
  • Upskilled marketing team to be able to manage and evaluate ABM in-house.
  • Increased collaboration between marketing & sales teams, delivering strong customer experience.